How To Create A Holistic SEO Strategy

How To Create A Holistic SEO Strategy

Indeed, numerous businesses get launched each year across all parts of the world. That means high competition among firms that offer similar products or services.  

In an attempt to overcome market competition, most business owners consider establishing their stores online by developing websites. You also need to follow suit to boost the growth of your business. However, you must enhance the visibility of your website, and one of the ways you can achieve that is by creating a holistic search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. 

This article has a brief overview of a holistic SEO strategy and how to create one for your business. Read on to get enlightened. 

An Overview Of A Holistic SEO Strategy 

Holistic SEO is a practice of enhancing all crucial aspects of a business website in order to rank high in online searches. The ultimate goal is to create an easy-to-use website that provides accurate and helpful information to users.  

Unlike technical SEO, which improves one aspect of a website, holistic SEO is a multi-dimensional strategy. It combines content marketing and traditional SEO to enhance website users’ experience. 

Creating A Holistic SEO Strategy 

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You can invest in technical SEO to enhance the visibility of your business. However, that might not be good enough to enhance your company’s growth in the long run. That’s why you need to shift your focus to holistic SEO.  

Today, you can implement various strategies to build a holistic SEO strategy. These include: 

  1. Working With SEO Experts

Being able to run your business probably means you’re a manager by training. Therefore, you might know very little about holistic SEO. And, even if you’re familiar with this concept, you may lack enough time to complete the relevant tasks. For that reason, consider working with an SEO agency

The agency hired will take full charge of developing and managing your holistic SEO strategy. That enables you to centralize your concentration in managing your firm. You also need to note that most SEO companies are experts in marketing. Therefore, they can develop the most effective holistic SEO strategies to enhance your company rankings online. However, make sure you hire a suitable SEO service provider for your business.  

  1. Enhance Website Loading Time 

Loading time is one of the most ignored aspects of a website. However, it plays an important role when it comes to online rankings. 

Loading time affects the visibility of a business in various ways. For instance, a slow speed can deter most customers from visiting your website. As a result, your brand won’t rank high online. Apart from that, a slow website hurts the user experience. This is true since no one will want to spend ages retrieving specific information from your website.

Therefore, enhance the visibility of your business and connect with more customers by boosting website loading time. There are a couple effective ways to do this, including compressing images, enhancing server response time, using the content delivery network, minifying JavaScript files, reducing the number of HTTP requests, and using browser HTTP caching.  

  1. Publish Great Content On Your Website

You might think just having a website is enough to help you connect with customers. But, that isn’t true. You need to publish high-quality content as well in order to attract more traffic and increase people’s trust in your brand. You can’t discount the power of high-quality content writing.

Having said that, you need to make sure that any online material you post on the website should offer value to users. Low-quality, spammy content will likely turn away customers. In addition to building helpful content, it’d be a good idea to include targeted keywords as these enable your content to rank high, boosting your holistic SEO strategy.  

  1. Obtain Quality Backlinks From Established Publishers

You can’t ignore the power of backlinks when creating a holistic SEO strategy. It involves reaching out to website owners and asking them to link to your page.  

You’d want to get backlinks for various reasons. For instance, they enhance your business’s search engine visibility. As a result, your content will be discovered by a vast audience.  

In addition, building backlinks helps increase online ranking and improve off-page SEO metrics. All these help your brand rank high online. As a result, more customers will likely visit your store. However, you must work with established website owners to acquire high-quality backlinks.  


Leveraging the power of holistic SEO is the way to go if you want your firm to remain competitive for the foreseeable future. It helps improve all aspects of your website to rank high online. As a result, your content, and business in general, will be discovered easily online.