How to Create a High-Converting eCommerce Landing Page

How to Create a High-Converting eCommerce Landing Page

A well-designed product landing page is an important tool for convincing people to purchase from your online store; yet, most e-businesses do not know how to establish an eCommerce landing page that converts traffic into sales.

Since the days when a customer’s path was straightforward, a lot has changed. You will notice that certain pages are more prominent than the homepage if you look at your online store’s stats. As additional platforms and new points of brand connection become available, consumer journeys are likely to become even more dispersed.

We have included the top 10 tips for creating successful and best-selling landing pages in this post. The pointers we’ll go through may be applied to nearly any page in your online store. All high-traffic sites must capture the attention of potential consumers, show the value of your products, and persuade them to make a transaction.

Special Page with Sizing Info

Create a dedicated page with all the essential information if your items include sizing and measurements. Customers will be likely to buy if they are familiar with product specifics.

Short Order forms to Improve the Customer Journey

The amount of fields in your order form has a significant impact on conversion. Since online store users are interested and eager to buy, this is a critical step of the sales funnel. As a result, it’s crucial to think about the types of questions you will ask and the sequence you will ask them.

Visitors to your online store will leave the checkout process if the user experience is partaken in an improper sequence.

Adding Product Categories on a Landing Page

Another key to creating high-converting eCommerce landing pages is grouping items.

This suggestion will help you establish a more pleasant and easy client experience. Visitors purchase what they need if the classifications are straightforward to explore. Many eCommerce companies use this popular method of categorizing product kinds.

Use the Product Zoom Feature

This tool allows potential customers to examine your product photos in more detail.

So how would you add a zoom function to a product page in an online store? Using one of the following tools:

  • Magento Zoom
  • Magic Toolbox
  • Cloud Zoom

Use Magictoolbox Magic 360 to give clients more options. This feature allows visitors to browse the complete catalog of items available in the online store.

Mark the Product “Out of Stock” if not Available 

Customers are dissatisfied when they wish to purchase a product that is out of stock. 

First and foremost, your landing page (which includes product information) should tell buyers that this item is now out of stock. Simultaneously, if the product is well-known, it should be of excellent quality, enabling consumers to have confidence.

Using the Notify Me option is the second thing you should do. Customers will be informed as the product is available to order if they choose this option. Furthermore, visitors to your online store will provide you their email address, which you may utilize for subsequent promotional purposes.

Another tip for creating a sales-boosting eCommerce landing page design is to let visitors know how many goods are in stock. This method will entice people to purchase the goods right away, especially if supplies are limited.

Special Offers for Loyal Clients

Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your landing pages? To do so, use a coupon or a discount code. We will reveal some exclusive pricing secrets in this area.

Yoast tells us that online stores can use discounts to convert more than just website traffic into consumers. Furthermore, discounts are an excellent way to increase client loyalty.  

Is this technique effective? Yes, it does, as evidenced by the Corkscrew Wine Merchants case study. They offered a “15% discount” on the most popular landing pages, which increased conversion by 148.3%.

Informing them about exclusive deals in the title is another approach to increase sales. The company boosted conversion by 4% in this example.

Using testimonials on landing pages

Building confidence in an online store is never easy. What can we learn from best practices for eCommerce landing pages? To begin with, the majority of them rely on client feedback to allow them to develop their business. Consider testimonials next. These are excellent for gaining the trust of customers. Also, don’t overlook the proof that can be found on social media.

For example, encourages buyers to stay on the website by eliminating social sharing options from product landing pages. The firm increased its “Add to cart” conversions by 11.9% due to this strategy.

Using reviews to enhance landing pages is also a good idea. Still undecided? You will discover some numbers in the data below that will persuade you that this technique is effective.

It is crucial not to remove unfavorable customer reviews while employing them. Customers who are considering purchasing a product want to know both the good and bad aspects of the product.

Detailed images for your products

Do you have a low conversion rate on your product pages? Using high-quality pictures for your top product landing pages is a wonderful approach in this scenario. Your consumers should be able to see your items up close and personal.

The company provides extensive information to online store visitors by using high-quality close-ups of each product.

If an online store sells only one product, it should offer buyers all of its details to encourage them to buy it and give it value. Customers to an online store who are undecided about whether or not to buy a product seek extra information before making a final choice.


There are several strategies for increasing sales on your landing page; but, if you want to be sure of solid results, start with the ten ideas discussed in this article.