6 Reasons Instagram Posts Fail (and what to do about it)

6 Reasons Instagram Posts Fail (and what to do about it)

Why is my post failing? 

Instagram is one of the biggest social media influencers around the globe. Photos often bring colors to lives. Another way to enhance business is through this platform. Every post on Instagram is a marketing strategy in our lifestyle, fashion, relationship status, food, hobbies, pets, etc.

 And just like our community, Instagram has an algorithm where we can choose our closest friends and family to check our platform. The Instagram algorithm determines the consistency of our follower’s attention. Thus, to increase our algorithm, we should know how our Instagram should look like. What our Instagram portrays and its ideal topics.

But sometimes, even if we post a lot of pictures of excellent quality, our photos seem to fail in attracting our follower’s attention. 

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 So, here are some reasons our Instagram posts fail.

Posting about the wrong subjects

To encourage your followers to ask about your topic, be coherent about your subject. If your subject is about the scenes of your travel, it should never picture things in your home. Remember that you catch the attention of many using the places you traveled and not the design of your home.

 If you use your pet on your Instagram feed, never allow photos of your food. Your followers may think that your food is edible for your pet. Sticking to one topic is good. But having a lot of subjects on your Instagram will confuse your followers.

Going hashtag crazy 

There is a 30-hashtag limit that is allowed on Instagram. Even if we use popular hashtags like #dog, #love, #happy, and another popular hashtag, it will never make our Instagram shines if we use the wrong one. Using relevant hashtags will allow your followers to like your photos. Witty ones are now much preferred by many.

 Choosing hashtags will improve your Instagram feature. Don’t use hashtags that are used by many, instead use descriptive hashtags which makes it unique and easy to find than others. You may come up with strategies that may increase your popularity among your followers. For a more suitable hashtag, you may ask for help in SEO websites for professional help. A recommendable one is SPOPLI Web Development & Services.

Having a disorganized feed

 Colors add quality to your photos. But a rainbow-colored Instagram feed will never allow followers to see the sense of your topic. Try to use the same filters in every photo you shared. If not, the same shade will help. Your preferred shade should match your topic. Choose the shade of green if the subject of your Instagram is all about plants. You can never choose dark colors with this subject, as it will confuse the significance of colors in your photos.

The grid of your photos should suit others. Having an organized grid of your Instagram shows how delicate you are with your social media. Use high-quality photos in portraying bigger scenes while blurring of pictures is more appropriate in giving impact on one lane.

Not responding to comments

We should respond to all the comments from our followers. This is the best way to communicate with them and make them feel appreciated. In responding, use the appropriate words even to those rude comments. It may take time for responding so you may try ready-made texts for the response.

Patience is always a virtue. Before responding to comments, always be ready to read unnecessary comments. Respond to them with courtesy at all times or just an emoticon will be enough. In some ways, there are privacy terms in Instagram in which you may allow rude comments to be hidden. If this will make you feel comfortable, then try to do so.

Posting sloppy tag lines and mediocre quality content

Tag lines give your followers the hint to what your subject refers to. When we post photos in our Instagram feed, we often tag our friends or family member who helped in the process. However, it is necessary to tag people or brands with the same advocate you are trying to portray.

 In some situations, tagging a celebrity with the same advocacy with pet care will probably repost your photos if you tag them. In this manner, there is a likelihood that your followers will boom and increase. Having a supporting celebrity or brand on your Instagram will increase the popularity of your feed.

When we mention the quality content of your feed, what we mean is the quality of your uploaded photos. We should never upload blurred photos. The blurring of pictures is necessary if your subject is of a mysterious type. The quality of your pictures does not need a high-end device. You may try downloading mobile applications that can increase the texture and contrast of your photos. You may try studying photo editing styles online to have a professional background with your photo adjustments.

The missing link in account Bio

The Bio is a brief description of yourself. You may discuss here the concept of your subject or topics of your feed. See that the profile in your bio describes your account. The significance is very important for your followers.

Each Instagram user has a link. To promote popularity with your account, it is suitable to put your link in every photo you post. You may try to increase your followers by posting across other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

These 6 tips about Instagram failures may be simple to address. But they are the most common reasons some of us cannot organize a community in our feed. 

Tips to Fix Instagram Post Fail:

Commenting on other posts

Responding to comments is not only your obligation for your followers. Rather, to build a relationship with them, you ought to comment on their posts as well. This is to make them feel appreciated. Once a relationship is established, your followers will probably introduce you to others. Gaining their trust is also gaining their respect.

Remove the photos or videos that may violate Instagram policy

Always check the privacy terms of your photos. If your subject is about physical fitness, try not to make your photos daring. It should always be wholesome and with dignity. In terms of popularity, this subject is the best way to catch attention. However, please follow the Instagram policies. You may not want your photos to be blocked or worse, your account to be removed.

Update the app

Just like other social media applications, always try to update them. With a trending environment, being updated is a must. Updating the app allows you to experience new features of the application. Plus, we avoid crashing the application whenever we update it. It works at its best potential when we have the newest version.


Circling in the world of social media, Instagram is one way to address all our concerns. Instagram not only works as our mini diary but has been part of some of our advocacies. We should therefore know how to promote our advocacies. We may limit failures when we know now how to prevent them. If you are struggling to look for the right website, SPOPLI Web Development & Services is the one for you.    

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