How to Catch People’s Attention with your Fantasy Sports App?

How to Catch People’s Attention with your Fantasy Sports App?

Even if you look in the wide and narrow, you’ll find fantasy sports fanatics in every corner. Fantasy sports have been identified as an ever growing industry especially due to the freedom it offers and the involvement of monetary prizes. With the year by year increase in the active user base for this industry, the number of fantasy sports apps developing every year is also increasing, making it difficult to promote your fantasy app rightly. Thus, we come to your rescue. We have found some remarkable and highly trusted strategies to promote your fantasy app in the right manner. Read on to know more.     

Fantasy Sports in India

But before we get started with how to promote your app, it is important to understand the market and mindset of the audience in this market. India is one of the largest consumers of sports, especially cricket, which automatically makes India one of the biggest players in the worldwide fantasy sports industry. While fantasy sports were first introduced in the country somewhere around the year 2008, it has grown multi-fold today. The craze for sports and one of the world’s biggest populations being some of the few reasons.

However, it is difficult to please the audience of the Indian fantasy sports industry until you strike the right chord. The fantasy fans in India want something different along with the usual features and benefits, then only you shall be able to stand out to them. Now, let’s understand how you can make the Indian fantasy sports audience turn heads with your very own fantasy sports app.      

How to attract an audience to your fantasy sports app?

While there are a lot of fans in the market, the number of fantasy sports platforms is equivalently high. Therefore, for a new player merging in this industry, it becomes very hard and challenging to make a place of their own. It requires a lot of thinking and breakthrough to be able to stand out in the crowd of many as a leading fantasy sports App choice for fans. Thus, we are here with some of the most amazing and trusted ways that can help you attract a lot of people to your fantasy sports platform, despite the crunch in the market. Here, read on.  

Offer Amazing Features 

The first thing you should focus on while coming up with your own app in the fantasy sports industry is that you are offering features that just take the audience by awe. While the basic offering remains the same on your fantasy sports app which is allowing the users to participate in the real-time matches with their own teams and grab real money prizes, you still have the feasibility to play with other features. You can focus on coming up with easier solutions like instant withdrawals, offering expert made fantasy teams, providing fantasy tips, etc., to your users. This shall allow them to differentiate between you and other market players, putting you at an advantage.  

Focus on the UI/UX

Your next focus should be on offering them an unforgettable experience right from the start. Therefore, try investing time and money in your UI/UX. Make sure that you have an easy to use UI that keeps the users hooked and offer them an accessible as well as dependable experience. You can lay emphasis on offering them a personalized experience by allowing them to curate the app as they want in terms of the color theme, their avatars, and as well allow them to be able to decide their favorite tournaments for which they can receive specific notifications. Apart from this, offer a fast customer support service and quick query resolution for a better user experience. 

Safe Transaction Experience 

One of the biggest factors that affect the real-money gaming industry is the involvement of money. It creates a potential risk factor and therefore, the users are not able to trust new market players very easily. Therefore, the next thing that you should put your energy into is creating a safe and trustable environment for the users. Promote testimonials from your winners, showcase how you have safeguarded the transaction process on the app, and how you are putting efforts to make your app a safe and trustable hub for your users. 

Build Trust

You can only get through the hustle of marketing your app in a crowded industry if you are able to build trust among your existing audience. The best marketing strategy that works in any industry is word of mouth, especially for an industry where money is involved at every stage. Therefore, make sure that you offer a trustable platform to your audience so that they can do your marketing for you.  

Market it Right

Well, everything is not about just creating a user-oriented app, but you should be able to promote it in such a manner that you reach out to your audience in an apt manner. Therefore, you should have a brilliant marketing strategy. There are many ways in which you can market your app, and all you need to do is find the strategy that shall work for you. While marketing your apps, decide your strategies based on your goals. You shall divide your focus areas as lead generations, conversions, and retention. Because a successful marketing strategy is always a combination and balance of these three. You can seek help from social media to create awareness among your audience about your app and provide amazing discounts as well as offers for the conversion and retention thing. 

Now that you know how you can catch people’s attention with your fantasy sports app, it’s time to get started with the preparations. Analyze your current efforts with respect to these tips and find out where you are lacking. Put in efforts to build your app and shine among the other players in the market.