How to be more creative in social media advertising. Tips for e-commerce business

How to be more creative in social media advertising. Tips for e-commerce business

Social media provides a great opportunity to organise communication between your product and your audience. Allowing you to reach your customers directly and involve them in the interaction. But it’s hard to break through to your customers through the veil of information noise. 

Here are some tips to help your e-commerce business with social media advertising

1. Tell your own story 

Your product is unique and gives your customers an inimitable experience. Telling your own story distinguishes you from a range of similar products. Come up with a character that embodies your product and make up its story. 

Where is it from? What does it like? How does it use your product? Why does he like your product most of all? By gradually telling a story, you create a new world where this character and your product play the main role. It is always interesting to follow the story and your customers will be intrigued to know how it will finish. Keep their attention with all the new details and at the same time introduce your product. 

2. Use different formats

When telling your audience about your product, try to be creative and use different formats. The audience will be bored with only reading long texts about the product or viewing one-type pictures. Don’t forget that you can use a great variety of formats including videos, movies, gifs, emojis, texts, lyrics, interactive games, quizzes, interviews and many others. 

Your customers do not want to hear only about your product, they rather want to be interested and entertained. Look for parallels between your product and pieces of art, jokes, memes, quotations from literature and movies and show your audience that your product is interesting first of all. 

3. Interact with your audience

When your communication is unilateral and you only tell and tell your audience how your product is good, but you don’t encourage them to act. Customers remain passive and less willing to get in touch with your brand. Involve them into communication! 

Come with contests and competitions, motivate them to do something they will enjoy, encourage them to create. Let them make videos and publish their best masterpieces in your social media accounts. Your business will also benefit from User Generated content (UGC) and attract new customers

Invoke any activity connected with your brand. Teach them how to improve their creations and ask them to use their newly acquired skills. Play with your audience and let them perceive communication with the brand as a game. When they get positive emotions, they will associate these emotions with your brand. Isn’t it what you want?

4. Host an AMA

Use the AMA (Ask me anything) format as a means of interaction. Invite your audience to ask you any questions about your product, how it is done and how it is best to use it. By doing so, you will show your expertise and that you are a real expert in your sphere.

Tell your customers some lifehacks to use your product in an unusual manner to get unexpected results. Tell them about pitfalls of using the product and warn you audience that they should use it properly. Remember, not only do such questions reflect their interest in your product, but they also allow you to say something new about your products. Don’t miss this chance. 

5. Invite experts

Customers may perceive your information as subjective and directed at promoting your product. Then let them hear the voice of neutral experts. Invite professionals and make a regular category of expert talks. 

You don’t need to pay these experts to praise your brand, let them stay uninvolved. This will increase trust to their words. Experts just should express their unbiased opinion and explain the characteristics of your product from the viewpoint of science or professional application. This is what you provide to your customers. ` 

6. Make shareable content

Another way to attract the attention of your audience and increase the number of mentions of your product is to produce or get involved in viral content. People remember best the things that surprise them by creating a WOW effect or causing strong emotions. 

They don’t remember rational, but they remember emotional instead. If so, give them these emotions. What almost all people like are cats, kids, jokes and extraordinary skills. You can produce such content to make them keep your brand in mind for a long time. 

Try to make a content which they will want to share with their friends and show to their relatives. Thus, you will naturally extend your audience without additional efforts. 

7. Track the feedback 

Be flexible. You may endlessly love your accounts in social media and the content you publish, but let your audience express their opinion and listen to it. Let them speak out in the way they can. Collect feedback through your business’s account, track what people say about your brand on other websites. Be aware of what people think of you and your product and what they would like to be changed. 

You work to satisfy them first of all, while your own likes and dislikes are a secondary matter. Consider their preferences and think how you can adjust your product according to their tastes. When you make any changes in the product, don’t forget to tell your customers about them. You make the product for your customers, and they know better what they want. Demonstrate that you hear them by discussing their feedback and show that satisfying their needs is the first thing that you want.

8. Make tutorials

When people get acquainted with your product, not all of them are aware of how to use it properly. Develop instructions, how-to’s, tutorials – any materials that will help them to use your product correctly and without any problem. Think a step forward and determine what problems customers may have with your product. Address these potential issues and see how grateful your audience will be. It’s quite easy, but it’s a great way to show that you care about your customers. 

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