How Social Media Helps Law Firms To Increase Their Traffic

How Social Media Helps Law Firms To Increase Their Traffic?

In today’s world of marketing, social media platforms have become powerful tools. They help you to generate leads that last long, improve your online presence and also at the same time allow you to engage with your audiences. 

In recent days, social media platforms have also become popular in the legal industry. Around 76% of the largest law firms have a proper online presence. Social media helps in building proper communication with your clients and tracking your competitors as well.     

Social Media Helps Law Firms To Increase Their Traffic

Social media platforms work as a bridge between you and your clients. It not only assists you in communicating with your customers but also helps you in staying up to date with the latest news of your industry.

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Here I will tell you how you can utilize social media marketing to increase the traffic of law firms. 

  1. Effective Video Advertising

While building an online presence, you will realize that there is something more important than other industries. And that thing is trust. Being a lawyer, you need to gain the trust of your customers. Video advertising plays a huge role here.

It will be a lot easier for them to connect with someone who is talking, smiling, and laughing in front of them. Besides hearing your voice, they also will be able to see your body language. Over time, this will lead to more familiarity and trust.  

  1. Creating Two Way Communication

One of the many reasons why a lawyer should use social media is that it will make them far more approachable. Communication plays a vital role here, and moreover that you have to connect with more prospective clients. 

You clients should trust you enough so that they can share their financial, personal, or emotional struggle without hesitating. In order to cover all of the sensitive topics and portray yourself as an approachable person, you need to establish two-way communication. 

  1. Retargeting Audiences With Facebook Ads

Your clients have some specific criteria. You need to always remember that. So, you need to focus more on some targeted strategies that will help you to get the targeted audiences. With targeting some specific areas, you need to invest your effort in retargeting. 

In case any user has been on your website for the last thirty days or a little less than that, there is a high chance that he or she is searching for lawyers. On the basis of that, you can show them custom-made ads. You also can target users on the basis of their Facebook Social Toolkit activity. 

  1. Increasing Organic Traffic

One of the best ways to increase organic traffic for law firms is to create informative, engaging, and high-quality blog posts and share them on social media. You can use the potential of using LinkedIn. It is one of the perfect content distribution platforms for law firms. 

As the competition is always too high in this legal industry, you need to show people that you have the proper knowledge and are more capable of handling their legal things. In case you do not have any blog, you simply can write an article directly on LinkedIn.

  1. Using Instagram For General Recommendations

It is right that Instagram can not be the first choice for lawyers or law firms, but it is another best platform for social media marketing. Your area of specialization is going to be a vital factor here. Corporate lawyers may not get that much benefit from Instagram. 

Just like any other professional services, the legal industry also depends on building good business relationships. An Instagram picture will not boost website traffic overnight, but a photo that reflects your firm’s professional image will do its job properly. 

  1. Sharing Content To Showcase Expertise

Whenever a lenient is in need of a lawyer, the person will always want to know the expertise and experience you have. There is no need to say that all the lawyers say that they have good knowledge and enough experience. But this is not enough to gain your client’s trust. 

Some quality, relevant, and informative social media posts will help you to show your skills and experience in your profession to your clients. You also can use social media marketing for driving your customers to your website, where they will get more detailed information. 

  1. Consistent Branding

Social media offers a visual representation of your firm. So, every time you will publish a post or tweet, it will highlight you. Almost 88% of businesses use social media marketing for promoting their brand. So, you need to stand out from the crowd. 

Being consistent is really crucial here. When I am saying to be consistent, I mean to say use the same logo or color palette on all of your social media profiles. Your online and offline presentations should match each other. 

Some More Tips

Apart from the tips that I have mentioned above, there are plenty more that you can, or you should try. You can use the potential of Quora in order to increase your search result ranking. 

You also can use some specific channels like Forbes that are dedicated to lawyers or professionals in order to attract the attention of your clients. There is no need to make a presence on every social media channel that is available in the market. 

As I have said earlier, be specific. Utilize only those social media channels that are being used by your target clients.


So, now you know how social media can help your law firm to increase traffic. But you need to keep in mind that nothing happens overnight. You need to invest your effort and also have to have some patience. Just make sure you are doing all these things the right way. 

Author Bio: 

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