8 Experts Explain Benefits Of SMS Marketing Over Email Marketing

8 Experts Explain Benefits Of SMS Marketing Over Email Marketing

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is the practice of submitting advertising or transactional text messages for marketing purposes. These notifications are primarily used to send time-sensitive deals, promotions, and warnings to users who have agreed to receive them from your company. Don’t worry if this SMS marketing concept seems to be too confusing. This essay will go through all of the words mentioned above to help you understand how SMS marketing will help you improve your digital marketing strategy.

It’s no secret that building customer relationships requires time and effort. You can’t wait for your clients to come to you if you want to reach out to them. You must take the initiative to head to where they are. Now, I don’t want (or recommend) you to go knocking on any client and prospect’s door. That would be insane. You might, however, do the next best thing – Text them. Let’s look at the benefits of sms marketing.

Experts Share 8 Benefits of SMS Marketing:

1. Communication should be improved:

“Any long-term partnership needs effective communication. When it comes to strengthening these bonds, SMS marketing can be a huge help. SMS is a one-to-one communication between you and your target audience. Let them in on a hidden offer, send them a short thank you note after purchase, let them know about any sales/promotional deals, let them know when their order is ready, and so on. SMS Marketing is an easy, fast, and dependable way to connect with your entire customer base” says Jeff Cooper, Manager at Messagely.

2. Fast and Effective:

“SMS marketing helps you to communicate with a wide variety of people at once. Text messaging is a powerful marketing technique that gets the message to the right people at the right time. Customers still have their phones with them, making it easy to chat” Nabil Mounem, Founder of Have Websites.

3. Integrate into your Marketing Campaigns:

“One of the most significant advantages of SMS marketing is the potential it offers when integrated into all of the marketing strategies. Since it is well recognized that social media and conventional media are not necessarily the most successful means to contact your clients on time, combine SMS with these other messaging strategies to ensure that your consumers are aware of what you have to sell” says Edward Mellett, Co-Founder of WikiJob.co.uk 

4. Organizing your time:

“Everyone knows that ‘Time is Money,’ and with SMS Marketing, you can save a lot of time and focus on other aspects of your company. It’s a simple and straightforward procedure. You can easily plan your SMS marketing campaigns for a later date using SMS’s scheduling feature. This is a significant advantage because it helps you to effectively control your time” says Hamza Ghayas Marketing Manager at GSDLovers.

5. It Outperforms Other Channels:

“SMS Marketing outperforms spam, Facebook, and push notifications in terms of immediacy and focus. SMS Marketing, will result in higher response rates and an enviable ROI as compared to other advertisement groups. Though SMS outperforms other platforms by a wide margin, it’s much more successful when combined with other channels including speech, email, push notifications, and others as part of a comprehensive digital and mobile marketing strategy” says Jake Smith, Managing Director of Absolute Reg.

6. It’s Highly Targeted:

“A consumer’s phone relationship, when paired with a permission-based relationship with your brand, can be an effective marketing tactic. Surprisingly, the majority of customers are open to connecting with companies through text, just as they are with their friends and family. This responsive audience can be a fruitful one if you have their approval. Still don’t go overboard. Nobody expects their phone to be inundated with unsolicited messages. Remember that sending more than 2–4 texts each month can irritate your client. You can make a relationship if the deal is valid and written expressly for the particular client. You may also deliver a bulk text to a larger audience with a coupon or promotional deal that they won’t be able to refuse” says Ryan Dalal, CEO & Founder of Merge PDF

7. SMS Marketing is Simple:

“It gives companies a simple way to communicate with their clients. It doesn’t get much easier than receiving a text message. The key for advertisers is to be able to have an interesting conversation while being confined to about 160 characters at a time. Short texts with reward competitions, voucher redemption, opt-in surveys, and polling help the dialogue go forward. On your direct mail, mobile, website, and social media accounts, have your SMS number or a shortcode. This is a tried and true method of getting customers to sign up for the SMS marketing campaigns” says Edward Shaw, Co-founder and Marketing Director of Leeline Sourcing

8. Better conversion rate:

“Despite the widespread use of instant messaging through apps, the benefits of SMS in business are numerous. SMS, for example, has a higher conversion rate than any of its new-age rivals. People are more likely to visit your company and act on deals or offers exchanged through SMS than via any other marketing channel” says Michael Robinson, Security Expert of Cheap SSL Security.


SMS marketing strategies, as you’ve noticed, are a perfect way to extend the brand by allowing you to engage directly with your clients. You’ll linger on their heads if you make frequent visits on their screens.