How Digital Marketing Can Help Small Businesses After Coronavirus

Small businesses in areas hit badly by the coronavirus pandemic are expected to struggle. Some will have closed their doors already, such as those that function on a month to month basis, having gone a frightening number of weeks without their usual trade. Those that have survived are likely to be on a knife edge. 

Digital marketing, and online commerce in general, could be their saviour. As restrictions ease, more customers and clients are able to move back out into the world and spend physical money. That said, there are still many who will be spending increased amounts of time indoors and, in turn, online. This is where digital marketing may come to the fore in helping small businesses. If a small business can harness the power of digital marketing, they can be the first shops and offices that customers return to once some form of normality returns.

Move away from big business

One positive the coronavirus has uncovered is that it has shone a light on which companies customers wish to return to, once they are able to. Huge businesses that have laid off or refused to pay staff have come under fire, while those who have donated money or medical products have been praised. This moral compass of post-coronavirus spending should extend to small businesses, which local populations will be keen to support. 

A small business’s digital marketing should push on this point and encourage spenders to direct their money to those who need it most, while reminding consumers that using a company in the local neighbourhood is much safer than travelling longer distances to find more famous brands.

Support freelancers

Excellent digital marketing can also support freelancers at this time. Much like with local businesses, those looking to outsource content will prefer to find independent, professional and efficient workers in their industry of choice. For instance, those looking for a video editor London will find freelancers eager to increase their workload. The pandemic has been a struggle for all workers, but it is especially tough for those who are effectively self-employed, such as freelancers, as they have had far less of a safety net.

Freelancers who push their own website and skills on potential clients using effective digital marketing will reap the rewards.

Increased use of online services

With more people working from home and using online services, digital media is likely to have left traditional marketing behind as the best plan of attack for businesses looking for new custom. With screen hours up, a small business that focuses its return-to-operations time and resources on capturing these potential leads – those endlessly browsing social media – should see an increase in sales or deals that will help it survive the coming months. 

Final thoughts

The fallout from the coronavirus pandemic is likely to reverberate around the globe for years to come, with economies plummeting and unemployment rising. However, in digital marketing there could be a light at the end of the tunnel for small businesses. Tapping into those still locked down at home and encouraging them to shop local and support struggling businesses will, ideally, appeal to the kinder nature of consumers.