Top 10 ways to keep customers coming back for more!

Highlighted Top 10 ways to keep customers coming back for more!

As a business owner, you must have come across customers who would order from your shop only 1 or 2 times. In spite of providing excellent products and services, there are times when customers do not refer to us for further purchases.

This is often due to the fact that they did not enjoy the best services while at our store, so it becomes very important to deal with them in a friendly way and solve their problems timely.

It is necessary to understand the needs and desires of your customer so as to maintain a long term relationship with them. 

Here we provide a list of 10 ways through which one can improve customer service:

1) Be friendly:  

Always greet your customers by smiling or saying ‘Hello” This makes them feels good and they will come to your store again.

2) Be attentive:  

It is very important to maintain eye contact with your customers; this makes them feel that you are listening carefully to their requests.

3) Keep a good sense of humor:  

If the customer begins with a humorous comment or a joke then laughs out loud and keeps up an active conversation, this enhances the relationship between both of you.

4) Learn about the customer’s needs 

In order to understand what your clients want from you, ask questions like “how was your experience at our store?”, Take feedback from them, make notes on their likes and dislikes in particular areas of work done for them. In case they haven’t been satisfied with a particular service, find ways to improve it.

5) Always give them a discount 

Online retailers often provide discounts and coupons to their customers as a promotion strategy; this makes the customer feel special and important. This enhances the relationship between both of you.

6) Keep their complaint records:  

Keeping records of complaints is very easy these days, use websites like Wakelet (an app used to collect articles or any such stuff from the web) which has excellent features like organizing all your data in one place and sharing across different platforms. This way whenever the client looks for your services, they will be reminded about your helpful nature and excellent services provided by you. So this keeps up the long term relations with them.

7) Ensure regular communication: 

Always contact your customers with important updates of new offers and announcements; this makes them feel a part of a group and more welcome.

8) Always be available:  

In order to constantly put up a good image in front of the customer, one must ensure that they are always reachable. This way you can take feedback from your clients at any point in time. In case there is some delay in their services remember to inform them about it on a priority basis instead of avoiding or delaying it.

9) Do not forget to thank your customer:    

After completing a job for the client show gratitude towards him/her by offering something extra for their service done, give them an offer card or a special discount coupon as additional benefits for their services.

10) Give an overview of the upcoming events:    

In order to keep your client updated, always inform them about what you have come up with for offering them exclusive deals and discounts. 

Here are some FAQs recently asked by our readers along with their answers.

Q) Who are the kinds of people who should not have an online store?

A: One must always be aware of the fact that running an online store is very difficult. There are times when customers order incorrectly or complain about your product without even trying it once, this could be due to many reasons like the product was wrongly described or they changed their mind later on. So one must always think twice before starting up a business through the internet. However there are no fixed rules for it and thus if someone still feels confident enough about his/her venture, then it’s good but one must remember to market themselves properly so as to attract more clients.

Q) How can you make yourself trustworthy for your customers?

A: Always ensure to deliver your products within time and this will eventually build a sense of trust in the minds of customers. It is good to mention return policies, terms & conditions and refund policies on your website so that it is known well in advance by all. 

Q) Any tips for selling online?

A: Make sure to update yourself with the latest trends in selling online and also keep in touch with what’s new in the business. You can make effective use of social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter by sharing information about discounts and special offers towards increasing sales, this strategy always works perfectly when you’re up against tough competition. Make sure to update yourself with all such strategies which might help you increase your sales


Through these ways, a business owner can improve customer service and maintain a long term relationship with their clients. Thus it is essential to follow all these points in order to maintain a good customer relation system says Peter DeCaprio.