Gutentor - Best Gutenberg Addons for WordPress

Gutentor – Best Gutenberg Addons for WordPress

Are you Gutenberg editor enthusiastic, then we have something great to offer?

Working on Gutenberg editor is awesome and also very good for any user’s experience. One will certainly enjoy giving their webpage a smooth and impressive design using the blocks. What we are sharing with everyone right now is another block builder that is purely based on Gutenberg editor.
We introduce you to Gutentor. Gutentor is a block-building plugin that has the extended functionalities of Gutenberg. Using Gutentor users can now design their site in their desired way with more options of blocks and widgets. Basically, it is a wide collection of blocks and widgets that will let you design your website in your best and expected ways with just a simple click. 

What makes Gutentor an impressive one?

It is not just that Gutentor contains varieties of dynamic blocks that make it a great one but the availability of customizing the blocks is what makes it a fantastic one. Users can easily modify the blocks or add functionalities to the blocks as desired. This is something every modern WordPress user would want to design their site, isn’t it?

Here are some of its unique features that make the plugin a favourite choice for people and better than other plugins.

Let’s explore some features of Gutentor below:


The plugin is extremely responsive and users are free to use it on their hand-held devices.

Compatible With Any Theme

It doesn’t matter which theme you use the plugin works effectively 

Templates Library

A wide range of beautiful and astonishing template designs is available to let the user pick their favourite ones. The best thing about Gutentor is that it has the best and finest collection of templates and block page designs. Users have a very good option and can pick their most favourite one among them. The Gutenberg templates have modern and lavish designs that every user would want for their website.

Powerful Building Blocks

With a huge number of blocks, users can make the best experience of designing their webpage into any design they like. Add new blocks and edit them anytime to make your desired design.

Advanced Typography 

The typography option is one of the most extremely important features that you need for your site. Gutentor provides you with outstanding typography options to manage the fonts on your site

Popup Options

It has some incredible Popup options that users would want to have on their site.

WooCommerce Landing Page

WooCommerce Landing Page is such a feature that will let users land their site on a WooCommerce site. It lets you add the most important WooCOmmerce feature to your site.

Animation Options

Another interesting feature included in this plugin is the animation. Animation is loved by all so make most of this feature on your site.

EDD Landing Page

Gutentor fully supports the EDD Landing Page plugin.

No Coding 

Use the plugin without the need for coding. From tech newbie to expert anyone can use the plugin using the drag and drop method.

Font Awesome Icons

Add attractive Font Awesome Icons to your site and enhance the beauty of the website

Video Background

Users will enjoy the Video Background feature for their website

Some other features that Gutentor offers:

  • Block Shape Divider
  • Template Module
  • Individual Block Export
  • Whole Page Block Template Export
  • Block Custom Importer via a file
  • Box shadow Options
  • Enable / Disable Each element on Blocks

Another important thing about any product user would be interesting to know about is its solid side and low side. 

So, we are going to get into looking deep about the benefits and drawbacks of Gutentor.


  • Easy to Implement blocks
  • Better and Modern blocks
  • High priority support
  • Professional and splendid template design


  • Not based on elements
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.0 or above only

Below are the latest updates on Gutentor

  • Gutentor Element
  • Gutentor Module
  • Gutentor Widget
  • Inline, Internal or External CSS files for dynamic CSS
  • Advanced options on each block including HTML Tag, Background, Border, Box-shadow, Margin-Padding, Svg shape divider, and built-in animations.
  • Repeater field to create items inside blocks with drag and drop reorder, edit, delete options.
  • Block Template module on each block, Single block multiple design Template.


One of the best reasons to use it is that it is user-friendly and gives its user the best feeling of using a Gutenberg page builder. Though there are many other Gutenberg block builder plugins in the market Gutentor has been successful in winning the hearts of many WordPress users. Additionally, it is getting updated with tempting features regularly. Hence, it’s a highly recommended plugin to try out.