How UX can Deliver Both CX and Improve Your SEO Through Better Core Web Vitals

How UX can Deliver Both CX and Improve Your SEO Through Better Core Web Vitals

In this age of the internet, nothing can be as great for your business as having a website being visited continuously by your target audience. A majority of them are pleased with the online experience you deliver and are making purchases or supporting your business objectives.

Furthermore, you can enhance your website’s visibility on the search engine as well as optimize conversion rate by improving your user experience (UX). 

User experience(UX) refers to the experience of the user on your website and how he/she is able to locate the information required to complete key activities. This might imply continuously and carefully observing key data points such as user interaction, page views and time on pages, heatmaps and more. 

By taking notes of the aforementioned data points, you can make more educated decisions on the content of the webpages and other Search engine optimization (SEO) elements. This will help in providing relevant information that is important to users which will in turn simplify consumer experience (CX) and result in high volume keyword searches.

On that note, let’s talk about the ways in which user experience can improve visibility of content on the web and can offer better consumer experience.


Using pop-ups for sign ups or other call to action (CTA) are great ways to capture a user’s attention immediately. However, There is a right and wrong way to go about it. 

It can be annoying at times when you visit a website for research or to make a purchase and while loading the page elements fade and a big box appears asking for your email address to receive updates. 

On one hand, some users are reluctant to share their email address or any information before being satisfied with the relevance and quality of content offered by the website. On the other hand, this type of pop-ups prevent users from accessing information they might be looking for in the first place. This does not make a positive impression on frequent internet users. 

In case you want to add pop-ups to your homepage, make sure to place on the side or at the end of the page so that the user can get a vibe of your website before filling it. 

You can learn more about the types of pop-ups and the right ways to use them by joining a good Web Development Course available online.

Chat Window

Often users browsing your website might have a query or want to enquire about something for which they might not have time to speak to you on a phone call. This could ruin consumer experience and might result in driving away potential consumers. 

Live Chat boxes or windows are an ideal addition to your website to handle queries of consumers in real time. This is also a great way of conveying consumers that they are valued and cared for by your business. Chat boxes and instant messaging services can enhance consumer experience and will drive more traffic. 


If you want your consumers to keep coming back to your website again and again then you must show them products or content that they have an interest in. For this, you must target ads and content based on individual consumers preference or past purchase history. 

However, this should be done in a limit so that it doesn’t ruin users’ experience online. More personalized SEO techniques should be used which are location specific and are based on prior search or click history of consumers. 

You can learn effective SEO techniques and other digital marketing skills to improve your consumer experience by visiting online learning platforms such as Testbook, edX, Udemy, Skillshare and more that offer skill development courses.