Fashion Brands That Have Outstanding Marketing

Some fashion brands have great clothes, some have great marketing and some have both. Check out this list of brands that have outstanding fashion marketing.

Brandy Melville

Prior to 2018, if you did not live in Southern California, chances are you had not heard of Brandy Melville. After its debut in the U.S. in 2009, Italy-based Brandy Melville became a go-to destination for teens and young women to stock up on jewellery and boho-inspired basics. The store has since expanded to multiple states, and now sells a range of soft, comfortable separates, cropped shirts and trendy accessories, many of which are inspired by fashion trends of the past few decades. Aside from word of mouth, the branded bags distributed from some stores and its social media channels, Brandy Melville lacks the ads and advertising that are so commonplace from its competitors. Instead, it garners much of its consumer interest from Instagram, which features photos of store employees and teenagers who have been hired to give their insight on the company, wearing the products. Brandy Melville also has many loyal celebrity fans, including Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Haley Bieber, Summer Mckeen, Ashley Benson and Maddie Ziegler. By seeing photos online of people wearing the clothes, and by seeing the goods being worn while they are out and about, women young and old are discovering and connecting with Brandy Melville in a way that is uncommon for most other major brands.


Nike’s recognition has moved beyond the famous ‘Just Do It’ logo and the Swoosh. It has become, and stayed, a powerful fashion brand due to its messaging and marketing initiatives. The ‘Better for It’ campaign correlated women working out to better self-esteem, which resonated with customers. In addition, it has made strides in recent years to show models of all ages, races, gender identities and abilities in its clothing. Since people see themselves represented in the campaigns, they have been more inclined to buy Nike products.


Aerie, American Eagle’s sub-brand, launched in 2006 as a sister store to the famous teen retailer’s outposts. In 2014, moving away from padded styles, hiring super-thin models and pushing conventional standards of beauty, the Aerie Real Campaign, which showcased a range of women of all body types, skin tones and backgrounds wearing the products in non-altered images, was launched. Consumers applauded this effort, as the intimates category has largely transitioned to comfort over unattainable beauty standards. Aerie has hit it off with its target audience each season by continuing the initiative, introducing new Aerie Real faces, offering styles customers want, and, unlike the parent brand, does not heavily target a particular age range: the brand encourages all ages to shop with them. Judging by the popularity of its products, more and more women want to be Aerie Real.

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