Super charge your Lead Generation with LINKDRA

Quality lead generation is everything in sales. It’s a marathon and not a sprint. You need to have a steady supply going throughout. 

Chances are you are already running email campaigns, publishing content to build some organic traffic and spending on ad words to get some paid traffic. But it is still very noisy and kind of hit and miss. You need something lot more precise and of course faster.

Go sniper targeting with LINKDRA on Linkedin

Email campaigns have long lost their edge. Too many people trying to reach the same decision-makers in B2B. With all the competition and corporate spam busters, it is hard even when you have something very specific to say. It just gets lost. 

Linkedin provides a way to send very short personalized messages and connect request. They really work because of much lower competition and sure you are already doing that. The reason why it is less used is that it takes a lot of time. That keeps the competition away but it is a pain for you. That’s what LINKDRA is all about. To get your message in front of the right people without the sweat. 

So how does it work? 

Let’s go over the process first. Smart lead generation starts with a Google search to identify the right people. You, of course, knew how to do that with Boolean Search and limiting your scope to  . Gives you very focused results that you can filter further by keywords, roles, location etc. Super easy. Once you get the profile links which are highly relevant (trust Google or Bing for that), you send a very personalized connect request over Linkedin. Your message pops up right within your target’s Linkedin and you have a front-row seat.  

Doing this is very effective and LINKDRA makes that uber easy with automated search text generation, auto scan the profiles from search, intelligently score the results for best match and then compose your personalized message to be sent over Linkedin. What takes hours to do for say 100 connects a day now gets done in just mins.

Now it gets even better. If you were running this just for a couple of days, then you would pretty much know whom you have reached out to. But run in over few weeks and with a team of people and very soon you are stepping on each other. Same search results and multiple people reaching out. It’s a mess. 

LINKDRA CRM coordinates all of these. Manages central contacts so that you don’t get into a repeat or spam situation at all. Works with various Linkedin accounts including free accounts. No plugins or extensions to keep things very safe and within Linkedin fair usage policy. Of course, you can do a few hundreds a day if you have the right subscription. Handy tools to extract your connects with email and phone numbers to follow up and much more. 

So, get your lead generation going like a drum beat and jive. Here is how you can get started