Effectual Engagement Tactics to Boost Customers on Social Media

Effectual Engagement Tactics to Boost Customers on Social Media

Nowadays everyone knows that every brand has social media platforms. And why not! Everyone prefers to buy from online stores rather than opting for physical shopping. In this digital era, social media has left a great impact on people’s lives. They even spent more time on social media rather than spending time together. They mostly build their couples relationship on social media through online dating. Everything is becoming easier for people through social media from creating an online store to doing online business they can easily generate more sales through online social media platforms.

Growing business is not easy online, you have to keep the content quality high and use focused pictures, and should have good customer dealing. 

But to boost sales and increase revenue, you should do more hard work. Here are a few tips and tactics to boost customers on social media, let’s have a look.

Post Content worth Engaging With

To increase engagement on your social media platforms so try to post content to which people can relate. It can be stories on Facebook, polls on Twitter, or reels on Instagram. Even if it be a short video with graphics or product people in which people can tag each other. 

Try to create and post content that can grab people’s reactions. Your content and posts should be like that, it will leave people emotional. Make sure never ever post something controversial or sensitive so that people can backlash or become angry at you. 

 Respond to All Comments

When you want great social media engagement, then reserve some time to become social too. Try to respond or reply to customers as soon as possible in the most generous way. In this way, you can connect with customers and can understand their understanding. When the message in is a positive way so show appreciation and gratitude. But when they backlash or send some mean comment so try to handle it in the most polite way possible. 

Whether its appreciation or criticism, take it generously and respond to everyone.

Make a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are no doubt great places to interact and create great social media engagement. As compared to pages, groups give more freedom to members to post anything they like. By creating a group, you can interact more with your customers and get to know them better. In this way, even customers can better know each other. Apart from that, keep an eye on your community and make your bonds strong with others. 

Moreover, set some rules to run the group smoothly. Make sure that you allow moderate posts only so they will not spam. 

Do More Contests and Giveaways

Honestly, people really get attracted to giveaways and contests, no doubt hence it’s one of the best ways to engage on social media. 

You have to ask your visitors or followers to perform some tasks such as liking a few posts, doing some comments, and following your page. In this way, you will get good social media engagement and they will get a chance to win the contest. 

You have to give a prize or cash money to the winner of the contest, that’s how it works.

Add pictures in every post 

Images do have the power to attract visitors. People prefer to view pictures of her rather than reading text as it consumes more time. Images have some concept behind them, it delivers a message and story. As per the study, tweets having photos get more than 150% retweets as compared to plain tweets.  

When you will be scrolling through your social media, observe that you will be attracted by the colorful and focused images. It’s ideal to add an appropriate image to every post with an engaging caption.

Get More Followers

By having a good number of followers, you can easily increase your social media engagement. Definitely, if you will have fewer followers around 100 so you will have low engagement as compared to brands having a following in lacs.

If you will have more followers there is a possibility that you will have more engagement on your posts. But make sure that your posts have good quality or else your followers will not take interest.

Ask a Question

When you are about to post something on social media, try to write a caption in an interrogative way so there will be a higher chance that people will connect. By keeping the question informative yet funny, people will take interest in responding. 

Let’s suppose, you can post about whether you prefer curly or straight hair by giving a funny touch to it! You will love to see how people will connect with you. Post everything which can be related to others too. 

Post twice or thrice 

For better social media engagement, you should post multiple times a day. Generally, you should post around two or three times a day. Don’t post irrelevant posts too much or else, it will irritate the followers and they end up unfollowing. 

Also, observe at what time you have the best engagement on your social media and try to post at that time. However, 1-3 pm is a good time as the audience is active at this time generally.

Optimize Your Headlines for Engagement

When you make a blog post or article, try to make your headlines interesting yet attractive. 

When your work has a good headline so the reader will be eager to click and read the whole post, in this way it will get good engagement. 

There are different tools such as Schedule which will be super helpful to write an interesting headline.

Actually, Schedule helps in optimizing headlines to increase engagement. When you optimize so you will get a score for it! You can improve your score by making changes to it. Make sure to have at least a 70 score. 

 Optimized headlines really do make an effect. They make the reach better and increase engagement.


Every brand is doing business on social media. But to increase the revenue and boost sales you need to work on your social media. 

With our tips and tricks, you can increase engagement which will result in more sales and revenue.