What’s the Best Facebook Marketing Tip for a Company Looking to Sell?

What’s the Best Facebook Marketing Tip for a Company Looking to Sell?

Facebook is still just as effective as it ever has been for all of the reasons it initially got popular. In fact, Facebook has expanded its offering and now allows you to do so much more than see status updates from your mom’s sister. You can use it to find new companies worth your business, market your own business in an effective way, and so much more.

In fact, it’s one of the most useful marketing tools for companies to use in 2022.

Expert marketers share the 3 best methods of marketing for your company these days:

(1) Consider spending on ads.

“I would advise eCommerce brands to seriously explore the benefits of using Facebook for its ads. They can be extremely beneficial to the growth and recognition of your brand on social media and it’s a quality sales technique for eCommerce brands in 2022.

The trick is using Facebook ads to their full capability and it can take time to become an expert at finding your audience. Even if you’ve worked with ads before, it can still be a challenge to find progress for a new brand. It takes time, you must track your results, and you’ll have to experiment with unique locations, genders, ages, and so much more.

I’ve worked with a few eCommerce brands and Facebook ads have worked as a solid marketing strategy for all of them, especially after finding out what works for that specific brand. In time (much less time of organically growing a Facebook page) you can make Facebook ads a sustainable, consistent strategy for your brand.”

Andrew Hill, Founder of Distribute Digital, an all-purpose digital marketing agency.

(2) Make vertical Facebook videos.

“Using the same model as TikTok and Instagram have made popular, you can use Facebook videos as an effective sales tool. Vertical videos that are made into quick highlights are extremely effective right now and get a ton of engagement. In reply to what TikTok and Instagram Reels have created, Facebook has put together a quality section where people can quickly browse through videos.

If you can create some engaging, fun, and effective videos for Facebook, you can catch some eyeballs and potentially even go viral.”

Lucie Chavez, CMO of Radaris, a quality background check company.

(3) Collect reviews from past and current customers.

“Reviews on Facebook are an effective way to help your company get noticed, find new followers, and grow in reach. There are many ways you can increase the reviews on your company page in a way that will help you. Simple request new reviews from customers you know have enjoyed your services and would be willing to provide a review.

Request in an email or message after your work is done as a little nudge. Once you get into a nice rhythm, you should be able to consistently collect reviews, which will help your customer’s presence on Facebook.”

Paula Novo, Experienced Marketer and Site Editor at HighSpeedOptions.

Bottom line:

Facebook is still an effective place to market your company and the tools they’ve introduced can really help you push your company forward. Using one of these strategies – ads, the use of videos, and/or collecting reviews from customers – can really help you market your brand on Facebook.