Debunking Digital Marketing Myths Around Big Data

Digital marketing is vital to any brand. However, it should be viewed as an overall marketing plan. It is good for a company to engage in other events such as traditional marketing as a backup to digital marketing. Digital marketing deals with online platforms and sometimes the data generated on these platforms can be too heavy for traditional devices to process.

This enormous information is referred to as big data. When it comes to understanding digital marketing around big data, there are a lot of myths that people come up with. Hence, it becomes hard for people to understand this whole concept. Below we will debunk digital marketing myths around big data.

Programmatic Advertisement Can Solve Anything

Programmatic advertising has been getting a lot of attention lately. Most marketers are overwhelmed with the fact that advertisements can be done in a targeted and programmed manner, hence promoting the sale of your goods. This might sound cool, however, advertising is not about filling every space of your company’s logo. Rather, it is about saying the right thing at the right time to the right people.

Data is Everything, Forget Everything Else

With too many things being written and discussed, some companies have assumed that giving priority and attention to data will lead to a successful business. A good product is not only defined by the data it provides but also its quality and subsequent marketing. Instead of paying more attention to data, companies should implement data with strategies.

Social Media is the Focus, Forget the Website

This is the most dangerous myths that marketers tend to say, and you should try to avoid anyone who tries to give you this advice. It is evident that 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices and most of them are from mobile apps. We tend to think that in the future will only be concerned with mobile apps.

However, there are still those who will focus on using mobile or desktop websites. That’s why it is good if you take advantage of both the app and the website so as to get loyal and long-term customers.

Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work for Every Industry

Everyone seems to believe this myth. However, there some industries which seem to be working pretty well without including themselves in social media. Every industry can leverage social media, but this channel doesn’t always work perfectly. Every industry embraces the channel that they feel is right for them. The key point is finding the right channel that targets your audience.

Websites Are a Thing of the Past and Only Apps Matter Now

Research shows that most people spend their time on mobile apps they could be chatting with friends, playing games, or consuming content. This has been the main reason for internet trafficking. Mobile apps are beneficial in business but depending on them solely can sometimes be foolish. Desktop and mobile websites will continue to see an increase in usage. Therefore, it is wise for one to not only depend on mobile apps.  

Mobile Doesn’t Drive Conversations

If your potential customers are not converting on mobile, you should not give up. Instead, you should ask yourself why? One needs to know that the mobile user experience is different from a desktop user. Your website might be responding, but you have to check if your checkout process resonates with the way your customers use their phones.

You can’t just include everything in a desktop to a mobile phone expecting people to go through lengthy forms. A mobile phone needs to be faster and simpler when using it. Therefore, if you want your conversations to be improved, you can hire a professional person who understands the practice of mobile users.


There are a lot of myths regarding digital marketing. However, they do not describe the result of the business or the impact of the business on the audience. In the end, it is all about delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time while using the suitable marketing techniques. That is why marketers and business owners should not be bothered by what others believe. In fact, they should learn from the mistakes of others.



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