Correlation Between Content Quality and SEO

Right off the bat, let me ask you a question. When searching for something on Google, do you find the top 3 links that they suggested to you helpful? Did that article lead you to another one that is related to the question you asked?

If you answered YES to these questions, then you should know that the person who wrote that article did a pretty good job. Why?

Because the search engine gave you the answer to your question, and their content is the thing you were looking for, but how did they manage that? And does the quality of the content play a role in ranking that article?

All valid questions that we will discuss in the following words.

Google and SEO

The thing is that nobody understands how Google and its SEO works. Maybe, some of the guys that work at that company, but we are trying our best to crack the da Vinci’s code, since it sometimes truly feels like that.

But, there are a few things that will help you rank higher on Google.

Your page must be made for visitors, not for search engines. Your number one priority is to inform your users and to share your knowledge with them. Google likes that if your content is filled with valuable pieces of information that the user is searching for and will benefit from, you are on a good path.

And a big NO-NO is trying to deceive your visitors – clickbait titles and the content will just harm you and your business, and that’s one of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid.

No matter who or what told you, do not try to trick Google. Tricks and tips on how to trick them will just backfire sooner or later.

Think about what makes your site and content unique. Work on that, and try to stand out.

Google’s actual purpose is to answer people’s questions, but the fact is that over the years, they are changing their tactics.

They don’t take keywords into consideration that much. Why? 

Because, as always, people took the advantage and used keywords that are not related to their content and they clicked baited the customers. That is something that Google doesn’t find appealing. They wanted to offer a quality answer, but because of the fake keywords, they messed up, and they stopped relying on them, so it’s crucial to develop a strategy to utilize them properly. They still take them into consideration of course, but they won’t guarantee you a nice spot on the result page.

That’s why now they rely on the content of the page. It is important to stick to your niche and know your audience so that you can create unique content.

That’s because Google wants to be the number one option when searching for something – they want to be the one that understands people and gives them the right answers, and using the advanced SEO tools can speed up that process.

High Quality Content

Quality content is actually everything that search engines decided is worth sharing. It is answers to real questions that people ask.

Something that will provide users with pieces of information on how to do something, fix a problem, or something that entertains them.

To understand it even better, it is something that will people share with their close ones or to social media, something that will sparkle an idea, or that is worth quoting. That is what quality content is all about.

How to achieve it?

First, you need to have a niche. That is a theme or content that you will provide to your audience. But, you need to know what your target group is searching for. The best way to do that is to lurk on forums and blogs to see what are the common questions and if there’s something that is missing that you can provide. Also, take notice of comments under your posts on your articles, other people’s articles, and your social media. By doing that, you will get a glimpse of their mind and what intrigues them.

You can simply put a question at the end of your articles where you ask them to comment if they have any questions. If you find some comments with interesting topics that the audience is asking for, take the opportunity and write about it.

When you have done all of that, it is on you to provide content that is worth sharing. Google takes shares as a vote that the content is trustworthy.

You don’t need to ask Google what your customers are searching for. That’s why you will ask them, the customers, what they need. You need to listen to them. They are your customers and your supervisor in a way since you are the one providing to them. And by doing that, you’ll boost your ranking, ergo the bond between you and your visitors should be a priority.


Nobody enjoys a text without brakes and pictures. It’s bland, boring, and it’s basically hard to read. 

Make sure that the readability of your text is on a good level. Hit the enter button a few times, but don’t get carried away.

It is also widely known that viewers love a graphic representation here and there, so don’t be shy and use some interesting photos to break the monotone atmosphere of the black and white lines. In addition, you need to use photos that are related to your content of course. Don’t put a picture that is not connected to the article. 

While we are at the photos – name them correctly and put a name that is related to the picture and topic, it will help you when people are searching for images. Don’t also forget the alt tags and descriptions.


In the end, we can conclude that high-quality content is the best way to top the search engine rankings. Yes, keywords will help you out, but don’t put all your energy into them.

There is no magic formula or a plugin that will help you with writing the quality content that you need for your audience. Nobody knows them as good as you. 

Reading and exploring the topic you are writing about, from the point of view of a visitor is the best way of creating ideas for your page.

Make sure to provide answers that your target group wants and needs. Rely on their feedback and watch closely on what is getting the most views, so that you can focus on that. Make content that is worth sharing, quoting, and discussing.