Local SEO Strategy Guide: How to Rank Where It Counts

If you want to boost your company’s website search rankings and be found by your potential customers, SEO optimization should be an essential part of your digital strategy. But what if your business is based on a single geographic location, then you probably do not need people from the other side of the world to visit your website. So, it is necessary to optimize your website to rank locally, rather than globally. The correct use of local SEO can help you achieve this. 

Several well-known SEO companies in Gurgaon offers full-fledged digital marketing services at affordable pricing. According to a survey done by Google, 74% of consumers that made a local search on their smartphones tend to visit a local store within a day. So, if you are not making your website locally optimizable, you will miss out on many potential consumers.

In this guide, we will discuss implementing a local SEO strategy to enhance your business’s presence.

  • Local structured data :

Local structured data is essential to achieve a knowledge panel about your business in the SERPs. So, make sure that the structured information is added correctly, and it also validates in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. And also, no issues arise while indexing. 

  • Assess Your Competition In The Market:

It would be best if you do thorough research on local content and links to determine your competition. Firstly, examine a niche that is generally overlooked. And then, arrange a local campaign that will target the top cities in the states. It is essential to access the market before examining the local competition. 

  • Create Optimized And High-Quality Content:

Search engines rank websites based on their reputation. It considers all the factors that indicate a website’s significance to users. However, users generally don’t think about any of those factors and focus on its content. So, it’s essential to make valuable content to make money. 

  • Create content that has the following elements:
    1. SEO-friendly: It must be carefully optimized to rank in search engines.
    2. Useful: It must provide solutions to users regarding their problems.
    3. Convincing: It must be able to attract users to become your customers.
    4. Informative: It must not have any extra information. It should provide as much information as users might require.
    5. User-friendly: It must be simple to understand, view, and use.
    6. Unique: Every webpage on your website must be unique and not copied from another site.
  • Use Eye-Catching Visuals:

Attractive visuals are beneficial at stating your point, and at the same time, it makes your website look presentable and engaging. So, if you want to sell something, graphics and videos are essential for you. 

Visuals that are good for local SEO are:

  1. Show your customers everything you have got:
    You can show the building where your workplace is located, the surrounding area, your workplace’s interior, and your products or services.
  2. Charts and diagrams:
    You can show the consumers through charts and graphs how much your sales have increased or the number of customers you have gained over the years.
  • Linking Strategy:

It will help if you plan a strategy that is highly precise and locally targeted to your city. Local ranking is very distinct from ranking in organic search. The ranking factors depend on the strength of signals on your website for your business’ specific location. The local directories can help plan a strategy that can help you get links for your area effortlessly. Other types of local links are links given in the local newspaper’s website and links from any website where the URL has your city’s name. 

  • Make Your Search Results More Clickable:

You can make rich snippets with Structured Data to make your search results more clickable. You can improve the titles, URLs, and meta description for it. But the most effective way is to turn your results into rich snippets. Just make sure to mark up the data on your web pages correctly. If you make any mistake, then your rich snippets will show the information in the wrong places. 


There is no rulebook to create high-quality content. To make successful and extraordinary content it usually requires inspiration and practice. You can find many SEO companies in India to help you create SEO-friendly websites and get several potential customers.