5 Google Algorithm Updates That You Must Know For Better SEO

SEO has become one of the inevitable aspects of any business’s online presence, as a high percentage of traffic is generated from search engines. So if you want to gain benefits from your business website, SEO is the answer. But with effectiveness, comes the difficulty of implementation. The reason for this hassle in SEO is the complex algorithms of Google. Plus, Google keeps on changing these algorithms to provide the best experience to its users. However, that makes it even more complicated for website owners to get their links mentioned on the top of SERPs. If you do not want to get in this confusion, SEO Consultants in India can help you out with the entire process. 

Even if you are taking their assistance, knowing some basics of the domain would only be beneficial. Here are five updates of Google’s SEO algorithm that you must consider to implement better SEO techniques. 

#1 Mobile Speed Update

Mobile compatibility was already a ranking factor in Google’s SEO algorithm. That means if your website is not friendly for mobile devices, you will not get anywhere near the top SERPs. But now, Google has added one more dimension to this factor, i.e., the mobile website’s load speed. The reason for executing this update is the stats that show slower sites have higher bounce rates. So it would help if you make your mobile website load faster to keep up with the SEO. For this, you can take guidance from SEO Consultants. 

#2 Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) Update 

You do not need to learn the name of the update. Just understand what it does, and you can keep your SEO practices effective. The BERT update is done by Google to know the context of searched words in a better way. It assists the algorithm to see what exactly the searcher wants and provide them with more relevant results. This can affect the way you use your keywords. 

#3 Site Diversity Update

If you think multiple links of your website can appear on one SERP, it would no longer be possible with the Site Diversity update. This update in Google’s algorithm will restrict any website’s domain from appearing more than twice in a single search. You can take assistance from SEO Consultants like Infidigit, on how to make benefit from this update of Google. 

#4 Broad Core Update

Google rolls out a Broad Core Update, once in every quarter. It helps the algorithm to understand the search queries in a broader way. Broad Core can be considered the most complicated update because there is nothing exclusive you can do with it. You can only follow some of the effective SEO techniques or ask SEO Consultants for help. 

#5 Fred Update

Fred was launched three years back, but it holds importance even in today’s SEO world. If you are talking to SEO Consultants, they will tell you that Fred update is still a crucial SEO aspect and why. This update downgrades the ranking of websites which does not have any value-based information. Instead, they are made for the sole purpose of earning through advertisement. So you have to keep your website’s content productive and informative to get the best results. 

These were the five most effective and essential Google algorithm updates that can help you out carrying the best SEO practices. For a comprehensive collection of articles on the Google updates see the article from the Omologist.