Common Challenges of Social Media Marketing in 2021

Common Challenges of Social Media Marketing in 2021

This year has altered the way businesses and people use the Internet and particularly social media. 

Doing social media marketing and having a social media agency by side has evolved from a nice-to-have to a must-have for modern brands.

  • Every day, 45% of the world spends 145 minutes on social media.
  • Around 73% of marketers believe social media marketing is effective.
  • For nearly 80% of people, Social media ads are driving purchase decisions.

The power of social media marketing can be gauged from the above stats.

Though social media is considered an effective platform for reaching and engaging with customers, it comes with its share of hurdles/difficulties.

With colossal competition all over, it has become much more challenging for experts to derive worthwhile returns from social media marketing strategies. They are facing diverse challenges.

Thinking, what are they?

Some of the typical Social Media Marketing Challenges and their solutions are:

1. Devising a social media strategy

Marketers definitely cannot overlook the fact that social media is being used by more than 3 billion users globally and has become one of the top marketing channels.

The growing demand brings up a massive challenge of devising the appropriate social media strategy. Brands need to invest in only the right social media marketing strategies to increase engagement and ultimately get more leads.


  • Make particular goals for more effectiveness.
  • Revolve all campaigns around your target audience
  • Monitor competition
  • Track metrics for constant improvement

Creating your social media strategy is undoubtedly a critical job. The strategy must constantly be evolving.

Social media managers should benefit by building precise strategies that outline the goals, recognize the target audience, measure the objectives, research competition, and continuously watch over the results.

2. Proper management of time

After formulating or devising the social media marketing strategy, “Time Management” is another common challenge people face in efficiently implementing it. 

The work of a social media manager is constantly growing more and more challenging to fit in a day. Managing numerous social networks, crafting social media campaigns, creating and publishing content, engaging with the audience, and managing social media marketing targets will be challenging if time management isn’t done well!


  • Organize your daily calendar
  • Use technology to get the most out of workdays
  • Use more and more social media management tools
  • Automation to decrease time spent on routine tasks

Social media has become an essential need for all brands and many companies nowadays do their recruiting on social media.  So there is no doubt that the activity demands dedication and time

But like a great piece of news, the advancement of social media has given birth to various tools that offer help in overcoming the difficulty of time management.

3. Identifying the target audience

Most brands that are doing great business in-store end up failing inadequately on social. It is because, when it comes to in-store, customers directly approach brands, while on social media, brands seek out customers. Unfortunately, most brands have no clue how to do this.

Too often, marketers figure out the target audience after creating the content. They have the misconception that even if the content is not targeted but excellent in quality, it will convert. 

However, great content may fetch engagement but not generate leads if it isn’t tailored to your target audience’s requirements. 

Directionless marketing relies on a spray-and-pray strategy that seldom produces the desired returns; however, it damages your brand’s credibility. If you bombard people with irrelevant content, you run the risk of getting blocked or reported. 


Are you in search of your ideal customer? Have you designed a particular buyer persona? Delve into your current customer base, email subscriber list, and ad analytics. Formulate a fictional customer base from the collected data.

  • Survey customers
  • Find potential customers and connect with them
  • Find target audience in groups
  • Tailor content for your target audience
  • Create content plan

Simply get personal with the data and find details about them, especially those relevant to your business.

You can capture insights using social listening tools and drill down into customer conversations related to your niche. Understand the pain points of the consumer to shape your content and campaign goals.

The social listening tactic will help you comprehend the “why” behind customer actions. For instance, you will get to know why they are following a specific platform? What made them unfollow your brand? 

Contrarily, you can utilize the insights to build a personal connection with customers and produce more compelling content. 

4. Understanding the Right Platform

The further critical challenge that people who practice social media marketing struggle with is searching for the right platform.

Indeed, you can thoroughly research target markets to recognize platforms where your target audience can be found active.

For instance, 38% of social media marketers use LinkedIn, but only 6% among them are consumers. It means if marketers are using LinkedIn, they are wasting their efforts and resources. 

It means you need to use platforms only that are bankable.

If you regularly use paid ads, investing in the wrong platforms can consume your budget.


  • Utilize a unified and centralized platform for managing data
  • Breakdown the data into valuable information
  • Analyze the data for insights
  • Use smart social media management tools

Social media analytics is key to measure the progress of your social media activity. Your brand can gain by discovering potential influencers, identifying trends, finding engaging content, and more, especially if conducting regular analysis.

Are you all set to overcome these challenges?

Not only social media marketing but all types of marketing come with their own set of challenges. Now, as you are familiar with such issues, you are adequately prepared to handle them. Use the strategies and tips mentioned in this post to risk-proof your social media marketing efforts.

You can also reach a credible social media agency without wasting another minute. They are long-serving in the industry and know how to cope up with sudden challenges that may make you lose if not tackled well.

Make Your Social Media Marketing Journey Simpler!

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