Best Email Marketing Practices for StartUps in 2021

Best Email Marketing Practices for StartUps in 2021

Emails seem to have been around forever and, as a reliable and consistent communications platform, should be used by all startups in 2021. However, as email marketing trends and online correspondence evolves, so too has the email marketing practices we use daily.

With new factors to consider, startups need to adapt to ensure they don’t implement outdated email strategies or anything that will jeopardise their initial email campaigns. For example, emails can now be sent on SaaS, meaning the need for new security considerations with the cloud involvement opening new avenues for unwanted interference.

However, do not panic, as there are many new and improved email software options and email marketing practices to help startups hit the ground running. Here we have listed the best email marketing practices for startups in 2021.

Prioritising cloud email security for data protection

Initially, email security mainly focussed on applying safeguards to protect critical data when corresponding with the many different businesses and clients a company has. This focus was accurate as emails went from computer to computer via downloaded software, and protection to prevent your data and hardware from being compromised was far more one dimensional.

However, in 2021 when many companies are moving towards a SaaS platform, a new element of email security must be assessed. SaaS (Software as a Service) delivers information and communications over the internet cloud rather than through downloaded software, creating a new pathway for unapproved access if not protected adequately.

Prioritising cloud email security for data protection is an essential marketing practice for all startups in 2021 to prevent disrupting your email communications and campaigns.

Email design to show your personality

Emails, for some reason, are often drab and lifeless. Yes, an email’s primary purpose is to pass on communication, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have the sender’s personality within it. Even more importantly, as email recipients in the business realm receive hundreds of emails a week, it is good to add some emotion to your email to stand out from the crowd.

Email design should not lose the purpose of the email purely to improve visual aesthetics and appeal. Your email’s main objectives are to build strong relationships, entice your audience, and improve overall email marketing. If email design is done correctly, it should complement and enhance your purpose, not detract from it.

Quality email design is a valuable practice in 2021 to make your emails attract the recipient’s attention amongst the plethora of lacklustre inbox fillers.

Finding the best email marketing software

There is countless email marketing software available in 2021 and finding one to the advantage of your business is a wise decision. Professional email marketing software helps a startup communicate easily, efficiently and effectively, assisting them in creating new customers and ensuring existing ones return.

Email marketing software is a highly effective tool that should be used by every startup’s to improve their customer and business communication strategy.  For example, email marketing software can deliver newsletters, promotions and content to contact lists and subscribers in a planned frequency that would be painful to do by hand, allowing you to focus your time in other areas of your startups.

Finding the best email marketing software for your startup is essential in 2021, and once you do, the rewards will come with it.

Hustling to the masses with cold email

Cold emails have a bad reputation in the marketing world and are seen as an inconvenience to customers that some startups choose to avoid. The fact of the matter is that when you begin a startup, you need to hustle in any way possible for enhanced leads performance. Cold email is no different to the many other hustle techniques like mailbox drops and flyer handouts and has effective results in mass distribution.

People tend to look at the low percentage rate of cold email campaigns, yet they forget the masses reached. Furthermore, in 2021 the improved software at your disposal can work harder for your startup, finding your ideal audience and creating cold email growth to benefit your email marketing strategy.

Hustling your way as a startup is nothing to be ashamed of and sending your brand to the masses through cold email is a necessary marketing tool that should be embraced.

Email signature

Email signatures can turn a standard formal sign off into a significant lead generation with the addition of clever marketing tools. Subtly adding website links, call-to-action-buttons, email follow-throughs, and other tidy yet effective techniques can be the difference between turning the email recipient into an active customer.

A startup will send hundreds of emails even before their business is fully established, and email signatures can create awareness and build relationships from day one. One of the most important aspects of a startup is to take advantage of every opportunity to promote yourself and draw an audience, and email signatures are a great way to do this.

All startups in 2021 should consider the quality of their email signatures, ensuring all emails sent come with an email signature to entice a response.

Email templates

As emails are sent out many times per day, startups can get lost in delivering their message and information. Sure we want all emails to be personalised and not seem robotic, but at the same time, we don’t want them to confuse customers and clients with inconsistencies. 

Email templates are an excellent way to structure emails to suit your startup style, communicating consistently and effectively. They will also save you precious time, which is incredibly valuable in business, especially in the initial days as a startup.

Setting up email templates is becoming essential, and in 2021 all businesses should have some sort of template to follow to ensure that your email distribution is harmonious and that your startup is getting your message out clearly and precisely.    

Best marketing email practices for startups in 2021

With our best email marketing practices for startups in 2021, startups should be excited about how email marketing can benefit their business, knowing they can still rely on the old faithful email in their marketing strategies.