How Do You Build Your Digital Marketing Dream Team? Determine Your Needs and Recruit the Best Talent.

How Do You Build Your Digital Marketing Dream Team? Determine Your Needs and Recruit the Best Talent.

To stay current on the most effective marketing trends and to excel over your competitors, your company needs a competent digital marketing team who can advertise your products and services to reach the widest customer base possible. You also need employees with specific skill sets to create and implement the best strategies to engage customers and analyze how well your campaigns are performing. How do you find the best talent for this essential component in your organization? Here are some ideas to narrow down your needs to help form your ideal digital marketing team.

Determine Your Staffing Needs

First, consider the size of your company and what you can spend on recruiting. What specific digital marketing team members do you need to hire? You have many options regarding skill sets and job titles; however, you should prioritize some positions more than others. If you are a small business, you might start with a smaller team, and then add other specialists if you need them in the future. Here are some key players you want to include in your talent recruiting:

  1. Chief marketing officer (CMO) –  This experienced, senior-level leader will be responsible for overseeing the marketing team and will execute the company’s overall marketing strategy. To find the right person for this vital position, consider using an executive headhunters service.
  2. Digital marketer “generalist” – This person needs a variety of certifications and some experience in almost all aspects of digital marketing including SEO, social media ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Canva Pro, and marketing funnels. Look for these certifications on digital marketer resumes.
  3. Content creator – A typical job description for this position will require skills in persuasive writing, and creating engaging content for a variety of marketing channels such as emails, site blogs, and social media posts. They will also need to maintain a consistent quality of work due to the ongoing content marketing needs.
  4. SEO specialist – An SEO guru knows the ins and outs of Google Analytics and can enhance your website in order to ensure customers find your company. They need to understand marketing trends, human behavior and have solid analytical skills.

In the future, especially if your company grows, you might also consider breaking down marketing tasks by hiring additional people to share or take on responsibilities currently handled by other team members. These positions include:

  • Web developer
  • Graphic designer
  • Social media specialist
  • Pay per click manager

Start the Talent Acquisition Process

Here are some recruitment strategies for finding your digital marketing dream team:

  1. Recruitment marketing – This approach allows digital marketing talent to find you instead of relying on your search efforts. First, you need to advertise your job openings and promote your company. In your ads, include all the information you can about your company’s mission and values as well as job descriptions and salary. Also, make your company’s culture clear to potential employees to attract applicants that are compatible.
  2. Social media job postings – Many employees report finding their current positions on social media rather than internet job banks. Take advantage of paid ads for your company that can appear on newsfeeds on Facebook and Twitter. Also, post your open positions on LinkedIn where you can also search resumes of potential talent.
  3. Hire within or consider outsourcing – Instead of searching for candidates elsewhere, you could start by looking for current employees that may already have the skills you need. But, you might also realize that you could save money by seeking a freelancer to complete marketing tasks that you might need less frequently.

With planning and recruitment strategies, you can find talented assets for your digital marketing department. Remember to emphasize your company’s mission, values and culture to your new hires so they realize they made the right decision to join your team. In the end, you will feel confident that your search efforts were a success!

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