A Few Beginner Tips for Automated Social Media Marketing

A Few Beginner Tips for Automated Social Media Marketing

As a modern business you should have an online presence, and a significant component of this online presence must be your social media. Yes, you read that correctly, as a business you need to start relying on social media marketing to generate the level of brand building and sales that a successful business needs to survive.

Social media marketing

Using any of the myriad of social media platforms to spread the brand message or market your business can be referred to as social media marketing. As of January 2022, there were over 3.96 billon social media users across all platforms, with the average person fluidly moving between 7 different social media platforms in a month. Social media is a predominant social experience for sharing and communicating and also for business and shopping, hence it is also a great place to market and brand build.

Automate it

It just makes the most sense because the volumes will astound you. If something goes viral or even has the potential to go viral then you will simply not have the manpower to keep up and keep in contact with everyone. The secret is thus to find the right software for your automated processes. For example, JAMS has a cron alternative for your business that can be integrated and used on all operating systems to improve the job scheduling of any automated process and will go a long way to ensuring that the right messages go out to the right people at the right time.

Know where your customers and clients are

This is about selecting the appropriate platform for your interactions with clients and customers. Social media is no longer just about Facebook and depending on who you intend to target, you will have to find and use the appropriate social media site(s). Tik Tok is now the leading social media platform and the one that you use must be based on who your business intends to reach.

Keep it consistent

Not only should you have a consistent message that drives your brand, but you also need to post and share consistently. If you know who you are posting and sharing for then you will be able to adjust your tone and voice so that they are able to relate to your business. Your followers will want to be able to engage with your brand and business and if you’re not posting then there is no way that they can do this.

Prepare to sell from your social media

You may be setting up your social media as a marketing platform, but keep in mind that these social platforms have become the fastest growing e-commerce platforms. It is simply the natural progression of the marketing process and as people begin to like a product or service, they are now able to immediately purchase from the same platform.

These are simple tips for those businesses that are looking to build a social media presence. Social media is going to the way forward for many a business and is beginning to allow the smaller businesses compete with massive multinational brands.