9 Ways to Promote Your Business Abroad

If there is one good thing that technology has done for businesses, it is opening up the world for an opportunity to serve a global demographic. However, this has seen a surge in the number of businesses aiming to get a share in the global market. This is to say that competition has heightened significantly.

If you are to get the attention of audiences abroad, there is a need to put in efforts in increasing awareness for your products in your target markets. Here are 9 ways you can do this. 

  1.     Employ SEO optimization

Most people rely on the internet for guidance on the best companies to buy from. You need to position your business in such a way that people find it easily in online search engines. For this matter, you need to optimize your website for SEO. Partner with a SEO company to help you with popular keywords in the local market. The expert should also help you be searchable in the locally accepted search engines. 

  1.     Localize your business

Localization is very important when it comes to promoting your business out there. Seek to localize your website in the language of the people. Always remember that machine translations can mess up your translations by missing out the exact meanings. Instead, seek to work with a local translation expert to help you in this. In addition, localize every other aspect of the business including images, colors, illustrations, payment methods and slogans among others. 

  1.     Hire locals

The customers’ experience is enhanced when they are able to do business with people who can speak their language. They love it when they are able to receive responses to their queries in a language that they can understand. Hiring a local team goes a long way in creating lasting relationships with the customers.

Of course, hiring a team abroad can be overwhelming. That is why you need the help of a local PEO services provider. If you are hiring in a foreign county, Global PEO can help you achieve your goal of putting together a local team. 

  1.     Take part in local exhibitions

Festivals, exhibitions and fairs are common in most countries. Take advantage of such in your target markets and put up a stand to showcase your offerings. You can add some attractive incentives such as discounts and free giveaways to people who visit your stand. Go a step further and invest in press mentions in the local press and the associated websites.

  1.     Use local social media platforms

The growth of social media has heightened the possibilities for businesses to put word out there about what they are offering. Not just that, businesses have found a way to build meaningful relationships with customers across the world. You should aim at using this powerful tool maximally in the local languages. Seek to find out the popular social media platforms in the target markets and create a presence there. 

  1.     Work with local influencers

Influencer marketing has been on the rise in the recent past. This is because businesses have realized that most people trust a brand that a person they look up to endorses. Thankfully, every region has authoritative figures people look up to in every niche. Reach out to the credible and authentic influencers in the regions that you are targeting. Let them create content that leads people back to your business. 

  1.     Host events

Apart from taking part in local shows and festivals, hosting your own event is another great way to let your target customers have an interaction with your products. If you already have a physical store, organize an open house where your customers can come in and see what you are offering. If you don’t have a store yet, you can partner with a local business such as large retail stores that stocks your products. 

  1.     List your products in popular E-commerce stores

If you are to take your products abroad and reach more customers, you need to provide them with an avenue to order and buy your products. E-commerce provides a good platform for your target customers from wherever they are in the globe. Be sure to use popular E-commerce stores in the local markets that you are targeting. 

  1.     Utilize email marketing

Email marketing is a very effective way of promoting your business in a personalized way. Make sure that you are building up an emailing list for your global customers in every avenue. You can use email to share valuable content with your customers. You can also use it to inform them of any new products and promotions. 


Promoting your business abroad starts with identifying potential markets for your products. Do intensive research on the markets that you are targeting before putting in the efforts to promote your business. Once you are sure you have a chance in those markets, go ahead and roll out the above strategies.