LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies in 2021

9 Tips for LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies in 2021


LinkedIn lead generation has many benefits – no matter what you are trying to accomplish, LinkedIn lead generation could help you grow your audience and start generating leads that are interested in your content. 

If you want to apply these tips, you don’t have to be a social media or marketing expert. You just need to have a plan on what is your exact target audience, goals, and ideas for your content. 

You have for sure already heard that optimization (we will talk about it in this article) is essential for growing your audience and better insight. The truth is that optimization is important, but there are other factors that you should not avoid.

There are many things you need to know about LinkedIn lead generation and good research is key for increasing your reach. We prepared for you 9 tips that you should implement for granted results! 

1 Optimize Your Profile – aim for professionalism

A necessary step in the Linkedin lead generation is profiled optimization. You should start from the basics – Your name, profile photo, your personalized URL, and biography or summary. The first thing your potential clients would see is the way your profile looks. If your target person is scrolling through your profile, you don’t want to show your bad side or make your profile tiring. If the first thing on your profile is not an eye-catching sentence or profile photo, your profile will most likely get ignored. The main goal should be to make leads become your clients!

Try to make your profile presentable and interesting to see. You can also add a portfolio to your LinkedIn profile to show all of your talents, traits, and qualities. 

2 Join groups

If you don’t have an audience, then you may not be satisfied with your results. Of course, there are many ways you can find your perfect audience. The easiest thing you could do is share your profile on social media, so your followers could see your work.

The more effective method is searching for groups. Using keywords, search the groups and find the group that you think is most likely to have members who would be interested in a specific topic. LinkedIn ranks groups for their activity, so don’t worry, you will most likely find an active group. After you find the desired group, join the group and start advertising. You can join up to 50 groups on your Linkedin profile.

3 Spot decision-makers and relevant contacts

When you are searching for groups, make sure that the members of the groups are the people who have the interests you need. As I said earlier, use the advanced search, make detailed research and use keywords when you search for the group. If you want an even more personalized group, you should make your own. On LinkedIn, you can make a group of people who have interests in a specific subject. If you have an audience that doesn’t have any interest in your content, your posts will most likely get no interactions. 

4 Personalization 

Personalization is the step you should not skip. Present yourself in the way you like – the first two lines in your description are the other people see before they visit your profile. Tell something about yourself. Explain what you are doing and what you are doing.  When contacting your potential clients, talk to them directly. Make everything personal and unique and stand out!

5 Set up your content for success

Publish content on your Linkedin profile for the best results. Having interesting content will maximize your profile visits and you will interact more with your target audience. Have personalized content, show what you do, and show off all of your skills. 

6 Use proper keywords in your profile for SEO optimization

If you want to be seen, then you should use proper keywords! If you use some irrelevant words, then people will not find your profile easily. For example, if your content is about business, on your profile use keywords like business, marketing, economy, etc. 

7 Boost the content through employee advocacy

Having an employment team that is working on your social media is a great way to boost your content. Team engagement is important for better communication with clients, growing your social media accounts, and better company reach. Most people see social media accounts as something personal – that’s the mistake you and your employees should avoid. Use your social platform for promoting your content and interaction with your target audience. If more people work on social platforms, your platform’s reach will increase and you will earn more followers who have the required interests. 

8 Cross-promote your content on other social media sites

As I said earlier, promoting your content on other social media sites will improve your reach. You probably have enough followers on Instagram or Facebook to promote your LinkedIn content. A good idea for boosting your Linkedin reach is making a social media profile with the same or similar niche as your LinkedIn profile. People with the interest you need will find your profile easily and you will grow your audience.

9 LinkedIn ads 

There are many reasons why you should invest in ads. Firstly, this is the easiest way to promote your content. Secondly, the ads will be personalized and visible to the people who will most probably enjoy your content. But, before starting the advertisement, you should know what kind of LinkedIn ads you need and who is your target audience. 

Selecting your targeting criteria and requirements is a must for a decent promotion.

If your content is about marketing, you don’t want your ads to be shown to people who have no interest in them. That’s the reason why you should decide what kind of people you want to see your ads.

 Final thought

LinkedIn is an outstanding social platform and it provides you so many opportunities to grow your business. 

We showed you our tips for better insight on your LinkedIn profile. Those tips are proven to be effective and helpful. Implement tips and work hard on your content for the desired results. Marketing is a lot of work, but with a plan, everything is achievable.