Must-Have Skills You Need for Digital Marketing Careers

8 Must-Have Skills You Need for Digital Marketing Careers

In the 21st century, technology has merged into every sector of private and public life. And the increasing demand for technology creates a massive demand for digital specialists.

Today, digital skills are a key component in tailoring a dynamic, fulfilling career. However, there is growing stiff competition in this field. To stand out, one needs to know the key skills recruiters value in their applicant tracking process. 

For starters, you certainly need to know how to successfully pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS). These tools are employed by ninety-nine percent of top companies in order to filter out the right candidates from thousands of applicants.

What are ATS Bots?

ATS bots pay particular attention to skill sets and experience to filter applicants. This complements the work of hiring managers helping them easily come up with a shortlist of candidates for employment. Even in small to medium enterprises, employers are making use of ATS via open source or software as a service offering (Saas).   

Screening Process

The process of screening and sorting candidates’ resumes is achieved by scanning for keywords, the use of data analysis algorithms, as well as artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Therefore, in today’s advanced world, humans do not hire humans anymore. Programs do. As a consequence, those with a specialized skill set and a bot-beating resume stand out. This highlights the need for applicants to get professional help with their application process.  

Professional Help

In light of the above, those at the very top in the writing business like have since risen to the challenge. These organizations create bot-beating resumes. For instance, they know how to come up with the very list of skills a resume scanning software would be looking for. Hence, as you invest in your career, it will be with great conviction results are assured. 

Key skills are an important part of your professional qualification if you are to land an interview with the recruiter. With this in mind, many have come up with lists of skills they consider vital for success in landing a job. After doing much research on the matter, there now is a result-bearing list trusted by writing businesses for use in a Job application. Here are 10 must-have skills for a digital career: 

10 Must-Have Skills for a Digital Career 

An analytic eye 

Data collected by companies becomes worthless without a skilled Data Analyst to make sense of and interpret it. Skilled data scientists have become some of the most sought-after and employable across all career paths. There is a shortage of 150,000 – 190,000 data analysts in the United States alone, as per a Mckinsey and company report. 

When an independent and objective mindset is required in decision making (which let’s face it, is every time), business analysis is the sought-after skill. Having such skill on your resume will certainly make your resume stand out. Considering the current scarcity of this skill, 80% of the time, you will most likely land the job.   


Since the turn of the digital age, the promotion of company services and products has been very dynamic. It now requires a special skill set in technology. This is yet another with a subset of sub-skills essential to land more interviews. 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 
  • Content marketing
  • Analytics tools. 
  • UX (User Experience Design). 

Project management 

Digital project managers must have a complete know-how of digital project development. From an idea to prototype and a well-developed digital service or product. A range of methodologies like AGILE and SCRUM will make their resumes stand out. 

Product Management 

Though not unique to the digital field, this particular skill is of high value. This is most notable in software development firms. 

Design and Data Visualization

Today, this particular skill set is always in high demand. A user interface is needed by websites, applications, and digital services making this one of the most valuable skills on this list. Not only is it limited to user interface creation and maintenance, but designers also work with big data and management creating visualizations that aid understanding of complex data. 

Decision making for leaders 

This is the skill to future-proof your career. Computers will never take over your job.  Anyone looking to start a career and grow knows to plan for when they will be considered for a leadership role and there is no better way than having those decisions and leadership skills required before the time comes. 

Learn the ropes of social media

Social media marketing provides a direct interface with the consumer base and is a priceless asset for most tech companies. Although this is part of digital marketing, it is important to note it’s a stand-alone domain with different rules.  Today, the best PR today is almost exclusively through social media.   

Today, the average individual can rise to international prominence simply with the help of social media. From most views on Youtube to the cutest Instagram pictures, social media paves way for endless opportunities and reaches everyone.

If you are creative enough and are willing to go with it all the way, good social media skills can actually provide significant job security and financial independence.

Programming (Web and app development) 

You don’t necessarily need to learn to code. However, considering coding is the driving force of any digital service or tech company, to stand out, you should know the basics of coding. Get familiar with on-demand skills by recruiters:  

  • PHP/JavaScript. 
  • JQuery. 
  • Bootstrap. 
  • Angular. 
  • Code Igniter. 
  • MySQL. 

These are the core languages needed for programming, as well as web and app development positions. Anyone working with these individuals will certainly gain a better understanding of fellow teammates and the projects at hand if they have some background in programming. 

The Takeaway 

The digital landscape is a highly competitive field. Aside from having the above skills, most importantly, you should try and be different from the average job seeker. Surprise employers with unique skills and in-depth knowledge of diverse subjects. 

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