How to Build a Thriving Community with Your Website

How to Build a Thriving Community with Your Website

As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to get so caught up in your goals that you begin to treat clients and prospects like the numbers in your sales projections. Attracting regular and repeat visitors to a website becomes an SEO marathon, and you suddenly lose sight of the fact that there are people on the receiving end of all those keywords.

Imagine your website as an online community that engages people with captivating content and helps them to be their best. Time and again, companies set precedents for growth and success by adding value to the lives of others by providing helpful information and cultivating authentic connections.

There are so many ways to offer fun, new experiences, and valuable insights that make life better for others. A user’s encounter with your content can provide a bright spot in their day, or lead to a complete change in their perspective. This is the stuff that repeat customers and a loyal fan base are made of, and you can achieve it in multiple ways.  

Have a Blast with Games

Games are fun, and they give people a chance to relax. Icebreakers or card games loosen people up and spark good conversation. Think of your website as a conversation that takes place between visitors and your company, and your game as an icebreaker that makes them comfortable enough to share their information. 

Wheel of Fortune is a popular game that triggers excitement over the idea of winning.  Include a spin to win game on your website, and you can reward visitors with free shipping, a gift, or a discount they can immediately use toward their purchase. This form of engagement is best used near key products on your e-commerce site, to provide incentives for checkout. It is also a great tool for collecting email addresses on your landing pages, so you can keep in touch. 

Make it Easy for Your Audience to Keep in Touch

No matter how convenient and helpful your website is, there will always be customers who want to speak directly to a company representative. They may have questions that are unique to their circumstances, or they may need to resolve issues. 

You can make live connection easy by including a callback form on your contact page. In addition to your visitor’s phone number, request the best times to call them. Be sure to display your customer service hours in or near your form. By taking these measures, you can reduce customer frustration and give them a good idea of when they can expect a callback. Just make sure you have a rep in place to follow through. 

Encourage Wellness by Sharing Stories

Keep your readership growing with a pop-up that offers a quick and easy newsletter signup. You can simply ask for an email address from visitors who want to receive your newsletter, or take it a step further and provide them with a taste of your content. Offer a free ebook, tutorial, or sample article, made exclusively available to subscribers.

Invite visitors to subscribe to your RSS Feed. This will send them an email with your new content every time you post to your blog. This is known as an automatic email newsletter. It will allow you to stay connected to your people with greater ease and less work.

Once visitors are subscribed, inspire them with real life testimonials and useful tips. The thriving conversations that your content sparks can empower visitors with tactics for self-care that enhance their well-being.

Prioritize Inclusion by Engaging Audience Feedback

Surveys and polls let your visitors express their opinions and concerns. Customers will know you are committed to helping them when their feedback translates into tangible improvements in your delivery of products and services. Use surveys and polls to pinpoint customer needs, then modify your services in ways that best meet them. 

You can place survey pop-ups on pages with products you want to improve, next to blog posts on topics that hit home with your audience, or on the pages visitors are likely to see last. Keep questions as concise as possible to avoid fatiguing visitors, and to obtain the best insights.

Provide Engagement all the Way Up to “Goodbye”

Exit popups use algorithms to estimate when visitors are most likely to leave your website, based on the speed and direction of their cursors.  When it senses that a user is about to leave a site, it presents a call to action to retain the visitor’s engagement. 

You can include a pop-up that asks “Are you sure?” whenever someone leaves items behind in their shopping cart, or offer one last chance to receive a free ebook. By delaying your call to action until after the visitor is fully engaged, you increase your odds of a favorable response, and their conversion will seem like a natural progression.  

No People, No Business

People who have an enjoyable experience on your website will want to return again and again. They’ll ask questions and even send you messages of encouragement just to make it known how much you’ve helped them. With this kind of genuine exchange, it’s no telling how much your business can grow.

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