How the Work Environment can Affect Your Marketing Team's Productivity

How the Work Environment can Affect Your Marketing Team’s Productivity

Productivity is a fleeting thing. But when it’s there, one can achieve so many things.

That said, you want your marketing team to be as productive as possible all the time. Luckily, you have plenty of ways to make that happen.

One of which is to provide a conducive work environment. And to make your marketing team’s work environment functional and productive, here are nine things you should consider:


According to Maid Sailor Office Cleaning Companies NYC, clutter is something you shouldn’t tolerate in your workspace. That’s because there are many downsides to having a cluttered office.

A messy and disorganized workplace can affect the mental state of everybody working in the office.  Aside from that, it gets in people’s way when they’re trying to work, thus, if your’e from New York, hiring a professional cleaner in Rochester is now essential. For more information on commercial cleaning services head over to CIC Facility Services.

Another way that clutter can negatively impact your marketing team’s productivity is that it can cause accidents. Not only will it be expensive, but having a team member incapacitated in some way is not suitable for everyone’s productivity.

Also, as a marketing team, one should be aware of how clutter can make your company look: unprofessional and low-quality. Thus, you want to keep the mess to a minimum.


Lighting is not the most obvious when becoming an integral part of a productive work environment, but it can make a difference. You want to have a work environment that’s bright and clear so that people don’t have to strain their eyes to see what they’re doing.

Dim lighting is only suitable for places where you want to relax and unwind. That’s why bars and bedrooms have the option for dim lighting. For work, however, you want it to be bright and clear.

If you can, try and incorporate as much natural light into the office as well. Natural light can add a fresher and more inviting atmosphere to your workplace.

Ambient Noise

Excessive noise levels can harm the concentration or focus of the people in your marketing team. Since marketing usually involves interpersonal coordination, you might expect a lot of chit-chat and noise in the office. However, this can distract people from doing the work that they need to do.

Aside from investing in soundproofing and incorporating dedicated quiet spaces around the office, it would help to get ambient noise in the office. It might seem counterproductive, but it works pretty well in fighting against sharper, more disturbing noises.

Air Quality

Another unexpected factor in your work environment that can affect the quality of your work would be the air quality indoors.

You might be under the impression that outside air is more dangerous and polluted than indoor air, but sometimes this can be false. In the office, which usually has poor access to natural airflow, you want to make sure that you invest in air quality.

Filters in the air vents are a good start, but make sure you clean those regularly to work well. Also, much like with the natural light factor, if you can, try and incorporate natural air into the office too.

Although air conditioning is convenient, it’s much healthier to get natural airflow throughout the office, at least every once in a while. Get the latest collection of industrial doors at our store.


The optimum temperature in the office is a constant battle between people. Because what’s okay for some can either be too humid or too cold for others.

That’s why you want to keep things at a welcoming temperature instead of adjusting based on personal preference alone. Regardless, the safest bet might be to stick the temperature somewhere between 18°C to 21°C or 64°F to 70°F.

You can still get some complaints, but most people should feel comfortable operating in these temperatures.

Individual Workspace

Open workspaces have become all the rage in modern office designs. The modern open office design makes for an excellent way to collaborate and brainstorm with people. Thus, your marketing team members may value an open office design.

However, not every type of work involves group efforts. As such, it’s good to invest in individual and closed-off workspaces.

You want people to have a space where they can do focused work without anyone interrupting them, especially if there’s intensive work to do. That’s why having an individual workspace can come in handy.


Ergonomic office furniture is critical for having a work environment that doesn’t tire people out or fatigue their bodies.

If you have poor-quality office equipment, they’re likely not very ergonomic, so they’re not comfortable to use. That means that working there for a long time will make it harder and harder for people as time progresses.

If you want people to stay productive and focused for an extended period, you should invest in ergonomic office furniture pieces. Luckily, you can find a plethora of ergonomic office pieces in the market today.

Colour Schemes

Color theory is not new, and many people have used it to impact people’s moods and feelings depending on where they are and what they want them to do. That said, if you’re looking to repaint your workplace, some colors work best depending on the work that needs doing.

Some workplaces use their excellent brand colors, but some workspaces might need color psychology deliberation. 

For a marketing team, you want a workspace that encourages creativity and strategy. Thus, you can go with yellows and oranges for the creative spaces and blues and greens for strategic work.


Regardless of your office’s interior design, the feel and vibe in the workplace will instantly elevate with more indoor plants around. You’ll find that the office feels more human and welcoming with the presence of indoor plants here and there. Plus, there’s also the added element that they can help cleanse the air a bit.

Of course, you have to remember that you won’t be in the office 24/7, and most offices don’t have direct sun access. When you choose plants for the office, make sure that you do your research. That way, you aren’t getting dead plants in the office, which certainly does not bring up good feelings in anyone.

The work environment can do a lot in terms of how productive your marketing team is. However, once you start investing in the work environment is an indirect way of investing in your employees. Your marketing team will have a more motivating and inviting workplace if you learn to keep the above mentioned factors in mind.