7 Amazing Free Ways to Promote Your Instagram Account

7 Amazing Free Ways to Promote Your Instagram Account

Instagram is the latest social networking site on the digital platform that is fast gaining popularity among us. It is entirely based on a video platform where you will share pictures and videos with attractive captions. To gain popularity with comprehensive followers, you have to post your videos regularly on the site.

If you have an Instagram account, it is an added advantage as it is the ideal platform to promote yourself. Initially, it will take some time to gain some ground, but it usually becomes an effective tool when the number of followers crosses 10K.

  1. Free Ways to Promote Your Instagram

There are several ways by which you will be able to make your Instagram account popular on the social network. The popularity depends on the type of content and photography that is posted.  It must be unique and match with the trend so that people get attracted. The more they comment on your post, the higher are the chances of reaching the top.  The popularity of Instagram has reached such an extent that business houses prefer to use this platform to promote their business.

 It is cost-effective, and anyone with a simple knowledge of the internet can work out effectively in its promotion. Various agencies are engaged in promoting the business units. They work in a planned way so that your business is always ahead of the curve. The results are effective as they are professional and know the perfect way to catch people’s thoughts.   

Following are the seven ways in which you can promote your Instagram account for free.  

  1. Mutual PR- 

The most important factor for a newcomer on Instagram is to find a simple way by which      he will be able to gain followers. It is a method by which you will have to follow and  cooperate with a blogger and exchange posts as a give and take policy. The more you include your negotiator’s post into your one, the more useful it is, as you will gain more followers

Video streaming with a live interview will help you gain more ground in the social    networking site. The videos must be of top quality, and the topics must be related to the current trend. It will create a buzz on the social media site and ultimately pave the way to reach the top. 

  1.  Moving to the top-

it is a dream for every Instagram user to reach the top in a short period. It needs a lot of creativity and thinking to post an article at the right time to get comments from the followers instantly. The use of correct keywords with hashtags will give you a high rate of active followers. 

Many companies are also using this strategy to promote their products on Instagram as they find it difficult to use the traditional method of advertising. The Social Media Marketing Company San Diego helps the business grow by providing them with an effective way to post their products.  


One of the most effective ways by which you can increase the demand for your product is to hold competitions on Instagram and invest in prizes for the winners. It will help create goodwill for the company, and hence the popularity of the product will increase. 

The Social Media Marketing Company San Diego can create and promote the competitions of the business on Instagram.  They will also help in choosing appropriate prizes for the winners and make it viral on the site. It will create a wave of followers and enhance the growth of the business.  

5. Start a Challenge –

A challenge on Instagram will surely attract many followers as everyone wants to become popular in a short time. The Social Medial Marketing Company San Diego has the expertise to make the challenge more demanding by using various effective promotion methods. Once it is posted, it is most likely to be answered and increase its popularity. 

Hence you will gain the less expensive confidence of the followers, and in return, you will get money. There are various small business units and even shops that do not have the money to promote their products effectively.  Instagram is the right platform where they can boost their sale without any investment.  

6. Live Streaming –

An interesting content with live streaming will instantly attract users. If you want your business to grow, you need to do some social work for the poor and the needy. The work must be extraordinary, like a free blood donation camp or helping in some urgent relief work. It will create a positive wave among the users for the business and help in its growth and popularity. 

It requires the brain of an expert to produce a perfect idea at the right time to attract the users, and the best in the game is the Social Media Marketing Company San Diego.  They have excelled in promoting the various types of business on Instagram and made them popular.

    7.  Share the Comments – 

Sharing your followers’ comments on Instagram is an added advantage as it will create excitement among them. It is most likely that they will share it with their followers, and hence the number of your users will increase. It will create a network of followers that will be responsible for the promotion of your business products. Another method of increasing the traffic on your Instagram account is to use various social media channels to promote your business. 

It has become a common practice nowadays to have an Instagram account without being recognized as a competent businessman. If you want to promote your business, then make sure to include your Instagram account on your company’s website, email, and visiting card.

 If you want to thrive for the best, you must believe in the Social Media Marketing Company San Diego.  They are the biggest game-changers in digital marketing as they are equipped with a band of experienced and intelligent professionals who will guide you to reach the top and popularize you as a brand.

8. Post High-Quality Images –

An image with an attractive and eye-catching title will help your business to grow faster through Instagram. There are various video and image editing applications available on the internet for free download.  The apps are easy to use that can transform a usual photo into a captivating one. 

You will be able to edit the videos with the help of the apps to give them a professional look and post on Instagram.  Anything eye-catching will attract users, and if the post is interesting, it will help you gain popularity instantly.  

To stay in the limelight, you have to be a regular blogger on Instagram. You need to find the target audience attracted to your post and help your business grow. Your business will gain popularity if the posts are done at the right time. 

Your creativity will help you keep a stronghold on your current followers and pave the way for their ultimate growth.  Instagram is truly a dream as it is most popular social networking site where you can showcase your products with a free account and at the same time save the extra cost of marketing them.

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