5 ways to sell online courses

5 ways to sell online courses

For centuries, education was confined to classrooms with brick and mortar, but today, the story is different. Anyone interested in pursuing education can do it by taking an online course. With the increasing demand for flexible learning options, students expect easy access to education through digital devices. Educational institutions or tutors who can adapt to these needs are likely to excel as learning providers of online courses. More and more educators and individuals are building online courses to nurture a community and make additional income. While the logic of launching online courses is straightforward, the process isn’t. It’s more than uploading videos. Learning how to sell online courses effectively is something all tutors must learn to do and we are looking into the same subject in this blog. 

Define your target audience

When selling your online courses, it is crucial to know to who you are trying to sell them. Analyzing the detailed profile of your customers, their interests, and preferences will help you to define your audience. Then, to further consider students who might be interested in buying your online courses, you can segment them. After defining the target audience, you can use the data to create substantial value propositions that reflect the requirements of your target audience and encompass the unique value of your online courses. 

Meet the requirements of modern students

The rise of eLearning platforms is closely connected with modern-day obsessions of students with digital. Students of the modern era expect their learning experience to readily available, convenient, engaging, entertaining, and even available on the go. Modern students don’t like their online classes to be monotonous and just a video lecture. Lessons must be interactive and facilitate group activities, instilling a sense of teamwork. To cater to modern students, focus on creating a more personalized learning experience that allows them to control the learning process. Another tip is to optimize your classes for mobile users to support learning on the go. 

Avoid low pricing

Another essential guideline when selling online courses is never to settle for a low price. It might degrade the perceived value of your online courses as cheaply priced courses are often considered lower quality. Regardless of what price you set, there will always be courses that can beat you. Instead, focus on marketing your online courses to an audience who identities their value. 

One of the significant challenges educators face when trying to sell their online courses is the competition. As your eLearning business picks up the pace, you must find effective ways to differentiate your eLearning brand from the competitors. 

Build a dedicated tutoring website

If you have an established eLearning business or wish to create one, having a dedicated site is a must. A tutoring site is the best platform where you can host your online courses and classes, collect payments, and engage your students. This will help you to build your brand even before you launch your first course. Choose an online tutoring software that enables you to create a scalable and customizable online tutoring platform, and you are all good to go. The great thing is that you would be able to place your courses on your domain, brand it, offer discounts, create lead generation magnets, and more. It will also help you make an app for your learning site to provide your students mobile access and keep them engaged with push notifications.

Market the right way

The real work starts after designing your tutoring site and uploading your courses- Marketing your online courses. You must constantly promote your online courses to continue monetizing your audience with your online courses. Leverage marketing tactics like email marketing, social media marketing, PPC, etc., to spread the word about your online courses. Use both free organic and paid marketing techniques to reap maximum benefits from your eLearning business. 

Offer free versions of your course

Suppose you are charging your students for your online courses or classes; consider offering a free version of it. Offer mini free courses or free trials for your students. This helps to decide whether it is worth investing their time, money, and efforts into it. Free trials and mini-courses are actual lead generation magnets that can bring in more sales. Getting more students enrolled will also help you get more testimonials which again will increase the conversions. You can even pre-sell your courses for a discounted price even before it is completed. 

Run weekly webinars

Running webinars is another best way to sell your online courses. As a webinar comes with a structured formula, you have to create a script only once. Later you can make slight modifications. Create webinars on topics your online courses or classes cover. Understand the problems your target audience are facing and include relevant call-to-action at the end. You can also run advertisements on your webinars to sell your online courses to the attendees. Once you start getting more participants, the webinars can be used as social proof to promote your practices.

Automate your webinars

You will learn, from running weekly webinars, which of your webinars is most effective in converting prospects into students, what kinds of things people ask, and why attendees might be hesitant to sign up for your course. As you learn, you can optimize your presentation to the point where you are able to anticipate questions and sustain a consistent conversion rate.When you start to feel like you are giving the exact same presentation over and over again, it may be time to automate your webinars. Evergreen webinars, as they are also known,  let you put your webinars on autopilot and make them available 24/7 so you can literally sell your course while you sleep. Good webinar automation software allows you to create an interactive experience for your attendees and communicate with them directly to address questions that may arise. The greatest advantage to automated webinars is the amount of time you save can be redirected to marketing efforts that drive top-of-the-funnel leads to register for your webinar.

Provide deals and discounts

If you are looking for that one way to increase the sales of your online courses, offer discounts and promotions. Anytime you are telling your students that they can save money, you are getting their attention as well. For example, run an offer where you give off the course half the price to the first 50 students who sign up or give off eBooks or 50% off for the next course. This tactic of giving off the course for less price works excellent in increasing your sales. It not just helps in attracting new customers, it also helps to get repeated customers. 


Although many educators are presenting their courses online, they do not have your unique perspective. When you are creating online courses, put in all your expertise and experience to create courses that your student base would benefit from. You must be flexible in terms of the type of course you make and accommodate your students’ interests. 

Create a dedicated tutoring platform to save hours of hard work and other issues and get back to doing what you love the best: Imparting your knowledge and expertise to your students online.