6 Proven Paid Marketing Channels for SaaS Companies 2021

6 Proven Paid Marketing Channels for SaaS Companies 2021

Top SaaS marketing departments often rely on paid, owned, and earned media for their inbound marketing strategies. This is because paid marketing channels offer a vast and effective channel where great content can bring the desired results. 

This blog has identified the top proven paid marketing channels SaaS organizations can use for their marketing efforts. Alternatively, you can work with a competent software marketing specialist to get the best output possible

1. Paid Search

Most of Google’s revenue is sourced from advertising. This is not strange, considering how effective the system is in directing qualified visitors to your website. Software marketing specialists often rely on paid search because it is cheaper and effective. It usually takes a fraction of the paid media budget while delivering sterling results. 

Auction-based platforms like Bing Ads and Google Ads are easy to use. You can easily set up or modify ads, bids, and budgets. You can check blogs on Google Ads for more insight. 

2. Display Ads

Display ads can help drive a lot of relevant awareness to your SaaS product. It even gets more effective when you can finetune your keywords list to ensure your ads are displayed to only the qualified prospects. Display ads have been around for a long time, but it is gradually losing its relevancy with the advent of ad-blocking software and integrations. If this technology continues to grow in popularity, this digital marketing channel might not be the best for midsize SaaS companies. 

3. Retargeting

Google’s and Facebook’s proprietary retargeting technology displays your ads to prospects even after leaving your website. You only need to set up a tracking pixel on your website. You can also get the most out of retargeting by creating ads suited to the buyer’s journey of your target audience. Similar to the creation of call-to-action (CTA) buttons, you need top-notch ads that convince visitors to return to your website to download your latest offer. However, while at it, do not disturb your website visitors with your remarketing ads. To do this, limit the number of times your retargeting ads are shown to them off your website. 

4. Social Ads

Over the last few years, social media has grown from a networking tool to a marketing gold mine. The growth has been reflected both in the marketing results and the returns of the companies involved. Any top SaaS marketing specialist can easily drive conversions from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, using social ads. The best part is that these ads require a lesser budget to return impressive leads and traffic. With just $20 or $50 a week, you can get excellent results. However, you must develop a proper knowledge of these platforms to get the best out of them. There are specific targeting tools for Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, and Instagram, which you can use to get your ads to the face of your prospects. 

5. Paid Content Delivery

Paid content discovery is another proven paid marketing channel a SaaS company should adopt. Most websites out there have the “related articles” column, usually at the bottom and sidebar of the website. This widget often contains links to other websites. This setup is essentially a paid content discovery. The primary role of paid content discovery is to promote your blog articles on similar widget types on other sites. There are several top names in this niche, but Outbrain and Taboola readily come to mind. 

The charges for this paid marketing channel are usually on a cost-per-click basis. Experts have accessed the different features of the Moz paid content discovery technology and found out that promoting the highest-converting blog/educational content will guarantee the best returns via this channel. 

You can easily pick out these URLs by running an attribution report or a similar conversion report in Google Analytics and HubSpot. 

6. Video Promotion

Online videos are now more popular than ever. Prospects now prefer to watch videos of products and services to reading ads in newspapers or even on blogs. Most marketers have adopted online video ads as their go-to advertising medium, especially for paid promotion. There are several video ad platforms out there, but YouTube is the most preferred because of its flexibility and rich features.

For instance, YouTube allows you to overlay ads on your videos or boost your own video rankings with Google Ads for video. You can also run your video ads just before your actual video plays on YouTube. You can use Google Ads for video to boost your video post, provided you do not have videos that will keep your visitors watching your YouTube video. With this, you can increase your video views, especially from users searching for a certain type of video. The Google Ads for video platform runs on a setup that is similar to creating a text-based Google Ads. 

Finally, whether you are trying out a few of these proven paid marketing strategies or all of them, you can rest assured of getting the desired results. Are you currently using any of them? Tell us about your experience and results in the comments.