6 Management Tips for New Digital Marketing Agencies

6 Management Tips for New Digital Marketing Agencies

Do you have or want to have a digital marketing agency? Consider a few things you can do to help manage the business as you start and grow.

1. Set Goals

One management tip you may not expect is to set goals for your digital marketing agency. Consider how many clients you want to get or how much you want the agency to make in profit. Then, you can use those goals to help direct how you manage your company.

Be sure your goals are specific and measurable. That way, you can track your progress, and you can determine if you’re managing your agency in a way that will help it grow. If not, you can change something to get your business on track.

2. Develop Your Procedures

Next, you need to come up with some standard operating procedures for your business. Make sure your procedures are in line with your goals. So if your goal is to get clients, you can create procedures that help attract clients to your website or social media accounts.

No matter what your goals are, you should also create procedures for how to complete projects. That way, you and your team will know how to work on different tasks. You can outline procedures in as much detail as you want. Just make sure they’re easy to understand for anyone you choose to hire.

3. Hire the Right People

You may be able to start your digital marketing agency yourself. But at some point, your agency will be too big for you to handle yourself. At that point, you’ll need to hire employees or contractors. And you need to make sure you hire people you can trust to work on your client projects.

Be sure to look for someone who is reliable and willing to work as a team. Consider if you want them to live in the same city as you or if you’re okay with remote employees. That way, you can find the right people to work for your agency.

4. Set Up Payroll

You also need to set up a way to pay your employees. A paystub maker can be a useful tool to help you create paychecks for your new hires. But make sure you get all of the tax information from your workers so that you can pay the right amount in employment taxes.

You’ll also need to withhold the right amount in taxes from employee paychecks. So you should have a system that helps you meet all tax regulations and that makes paying people easy. You can choose to offer direct deposit, or you might want to give employees physical checks, whatever is easier for you.

5. Train Your Team

Once you add someone to your payroll, you need to train them on all of your processes. You can go through a one-on-one training with each new employee. Or if you get a lot of new employees at once, you can train them as a group.

Either way, make sure your team members know how to do different things that their jobs require. You should also let them know when they should as for help or clarification. If you don’t have time to train people, hire someone who can, and train that person on what to cover.

6. Find a Partner

If you need help managing the higher-level parts of your agency, you might want to bring on a business partner. Find someone you trust to help run your agency and answer questions from your entry-level employees or contractors.

You can decide if you want to bring on another owner or if you want to hire a manager. Either way, having someone to help with the entire business can be great. Then, you can take time off and not worry about your entire agency not being able to work.

Managing a digital marketing agency may not be easy, but it’s crucial. So be sure to consider a few steps you can take to make running your business less stressful.