Talent Acquisition Strategies to Grow Your Digital Marketing Business

Talent Acquisition Strategies to Grow Your Digital Marketing Business

The pandemic prompted employers to rethink several aspects of their business, including hiring and recruitment. As a result, remote and hybrid working became a norm and maybe permanent. 

Hiring the right talent is a challenge too. Additional hiring and recruitment challenges include lack of interested candidates, experience, or relevant skills. 

The intense competition in the digital marketing sector looking for similar talents further complicated the situation. It calls for creative ways of staying ahead in sourcing and bringing onboard skilled professionals to expand your agency. Keep reading to find out these talent acquisition tips. 

  1. Use Alternative Methods for Hiring Talent in Digital Marketing 

It is easy to think of LinkedIn when scouring for ideal candidates for vacancies within your agency. But, it shouldn’t be the only way to find your ideal candidates. 

Opt for unconventional ways too to widen your search for ideal candidates.  For example, a software development company can easily find qualified programmers in a hackathon. Likewise, you can scout for a graphic designer on events and symposia related to design.

Other digital marketing professionals can be found at local and global events on digital marketing. Some of the leading digital marketing conferences include;

  • Digital Marketing Conference in European 
  • Digital Marketing World Forum series 
  • Ad World Conference etc. 

You can scout on social networks too. The point is to access platforms and events that your prospective talent is part of. 

  1. Use Data-Driven Approach in Your Talent Acquisition 

Data-driven talent acquisition involves using data analytics in planning and executing the hiring and recruitment process.

It makes it easier to fill in your positions with the right talent. The efficiency and cost gains from data-driven talent acquisition are enormous, especially when using features like an applicant tracking system. Using an AI-driven talent acquisition platform helps you get diverse digital marketing talent and uncover gems that have the skills matching your roles. 

You can get insights into your current employees and what attracted them to your agency. Also, knowing your past success or failures as a talent recruiter help replicate what works for maximum ROI. 

So, increasing the efficiency of the hiring process and reducing costs associated with recruitment makes data-driven talent acquisition a vital strategy. 

  1. Offer Flexible Hiring Process Through Virtual Recruitment 

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The pandemic disrupted labor markets, and adjustments should also be reflected in the hiring process through flexibility. Over 70% of US companies are either using or planning to adopt a hybrid working model. To top it off, over 60% of highly productive companies are using the hybrid working model. 

Remote working is gaining traction, and your recruitment process should reflect this change too. Adding virtual recruitment alongside flexible working plans can be a win-win for potential employees and your agency. 

It will save time and money associated with traveling. Also, it will reduce negative environmental impact. 

But, remote hiring has its unique challenges. Time-zone and technical challenges are some of them. Therefore, it is essential to review every candidate’s life cycle to ensure a smooth experience.  It can be done through effective talent acquisition management. 

  1. Include Talent Acquisition in Strategic Management 

Digital marketing agencies, like most companies, may fill their job vacancies on an urgent basis. Yet, getting a suitable candidate under tight deadlines may not get you the right candidate for your long-term goals. 

Does the graphic designer understand nuanced approaches like color psychology and subliminal marketing in website design? A website developer should not overlook voice search; it should be part of the SEO strategy. 

The candidate should be aware of the incoming changes in the digital marketing landscape, including AI-driven tools and Web 3.0. 

You should picture your agency in 5 years and set the goals. Similarly, list the required campaigns, resources, and hires for the goals to be achieved. 

So, it is essential to make talent acquisition part of your strategic management. 

  1. Reinforce Company’s Culture During Recruitment for More Growth 

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Candidates will give your job advertisement a wide berth if the role and agency do not align with their values. Millennials and Gen Z candidates go beyond pay and career growth opportunities. They’ll include your agency’s values too. 

Candidates are seeking a brand with inclusive and sustainable company culture. About half of the US workforce comprises Millenials and Gen Z, so tapping them needs alignment to their values. 

As a digital marketing agency, you should have diversity and sustainability policies in place and boldly showcase them to your prospective candidates. For example, adopting a hybrid working environment reduces traveling and impacts the environment. 

But, your policies and values must be genuine. You can engage with professional bodies like the CIPD to help you craft an inclusive framework for your agency.  

Aligning your objectives with the UN’s sustainable goals can further convince candidates of your absolute commitment. 

And it is not all in vain; workplace diversity and inclusion increase a company’s productivity and increase revenue. 

  1. Prioritize Candidates’ and Employee’s Wellbeing 

The pandemic has impacted all of us, and its effects may be long-lasting. 

Any abrupt adjustments like the one presented by the Coronavirus pandemic can affect mental health and overall workforce wellbeing. Therefore, as we slowly move back to normalcy, employers may need to show more direction to assure workers of their well-being. 

So, demonstrating your commitment towards your staff’s mental health can attract recruits and retain them too. You can partner with mental health providers to understand and support your recruits and employees. 

Partnering with an online mental provider like Mind can be suitable as a digital marketing agency. It provides online advice and helps employees and recruits develop a wellness plan for remote workers and those returning to the physical office.  

  1. Develop an Employee Referral Program

Another crucial strategy that helps with recruitment and employee retention is an employee referral program. 

Inform your employees about the referral program and any benefits whenever you have a vacancy. The program gets you the best-fit candidates for your role.

If employees refer their friends, family, and the rest of their network, they value your agency. It means they are satisfied with it and willing to refer it to their closest social circle. 

But, constantly get employee feedback on the referral program to improve and be more effective. 

Key Takeaway 

The pandemic disrupted the labor market, affecting small and large organizations. Thus, businesses have had to find ways to implement effective and creative talent acquisition strategies. 

Digital marketing can scout for talent on major digital marketing events. Also, you can emphasize your brand values, especially the company’s culture and commitment to employees’ well-being.  

Also, as you use data-driven digital campaigns, you can replicate the same for your recruitment through an AI-powered talent acquisition platform. You’ll reduce your hiring time and costs while improving efficiency by getting the best-qualified candidates.