5 WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for E-commerce Brands

5 WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for E-commerce Brands

WhatsApp has surpassed Facebook Messenger as the most popular social network in several markets. It was launched five years ago and has since grown to 700 million active members. WhatsApp users can send and receive unlimited texts, audio, and video messages for no additional charge. As a result of its free download and promise of ad-free access, it has become a social trend. WhatsApp has proven to be a challenging target for marketers due to the absence of advertisements and media to purchase. Moreover, if users dislike unsolicited spam-like messages, this shows that you need to tailor your marketing strategy differently to boost consumer engagement. 

So, what is a WhatsApp marketing strategy? 

The premise behind WhatsApp Marketing is to leverage WhatsApp’s messenger feature to promote a business. The current conversion rate for e-commerce brands through WhatsApp marketing is 15-20 percent. (Source: Wigzo) Considering WhatsApp’s massive user base, this platform connects and engages a broad audience, increases conversion rates, and nurtures bonds with customers.

With a high engagement rate, marketers need to know these five tested WhatsApp marketing strategies that may help them expand their user base and increase revenue. 

1. Define your business goals and track the progress 

Determine your company’s goals and objectives, then concentrate your focus on the subset of those goals that WhatsApp Marketing can assist you in achieving, and fine-tune your efforts so that they are the most conceivable. Study your company’s benefits and drawbacks, and implement a WhatsApp Marketing plan to tackle the shortcomings. By delivering special deals to your high-spending consumers through instant messaging, you may entice them to spend even more. Alternatively, you might reward your most loyal customers for each new customer brought in via their recommendation.

2. Automate your customers’ journey 

Did you know that you can increase the cart recovery rate by 60% by automating your customers’ journey with WhatsApp? Furthermore, it allows you to hyper-personalise contextual communication at the right time and sends event-triggered cart recovery links to customers. When using WhatsApp for Business, it is possible to build and customise automated message templates. WhatsApp may send trigger-based messages such as ‘welcome’, ‘waiting’, ‘away’, etc.’ depending on the query of the customer. The use of an automated answer to simple questions from customers saves time and ensures a prompt response. Customers may also be welcomed with automated messages that include personalised comments on various occasions, fostering strong relationships with them and enhancing consumer retention.

3. Use multimedia and voice communication

You can leverage the benefit of WhatsApp to share geolocations, send order confirmations, images, audios, and receive videos to provide support to your customers. Videos and memes are good to keep customers informed about upcoming events or new products, which creates a long-lasting impact on their minds. Memes, videos, and audio clips should, however, be concise and to the point.  

You can also consider using WhatsApp’s new product catalogue function, which is helpful if you don’t have a website. Create a WhatsApp product catalogue with up to 500 products for your customers to browse. They may contact you if they have any inquiries regarding your merchandise. You may also provide a link to the whole product catalogue and via other channels if you want to.

Furthermore, introduce a WhatsApp video/voice call communication system to facilitate communication with new customers and answer the queries of existing customers. When customers interact with you through video or audio chat, they get a more personalised experience, which increases the possibility of upselling products. Reap WhatsApp benefits sending voice messages to your customers at the right time, knowing which voice campaigns work for you, and optimising further for a superior customer experience.

4. Know your customers and define a brand identity 

Before commencing your WhatsApp marketing campaign, you must research your consumers to ensure that your promotions reach the right audience and demographic. To gain a picture of who your paying customers are, conduct surveys and questionnaires, as well as gather information from ads and website traffic. What is it about your brand that keeps customers coming back? What do they purchase, and what do they anticipate gaining? You’ll uncover ideas for boosting the effectiveness of your communications and marketing efforts as now the vision grows better. Furthermore, it is vital to establish your brand’s identity as well as its voice. When you use WhatsApp for your business, you want your employees to represent your brand in their interactions with consumers. As such, customers will now be engaging with an actual person who has an identity and is knowledgeable about the offered products. 

5. Support through WhatsApp

With conversions by Wigzo, you can bid farewell to switch between different chat threads. You can rope in your WhatsApp and live chats to deliver excellent customer support. You can deploy chatbots, send automated-templates based replies, and set keyword-based automated conversational rules. WhatsApp is a vital component of the overall customer satisfaction strategy. Apart from the unparalleled benefit of providing the highest possible quality of customer service, it’s worth noting several other advantages that your business may reap from using this messaging platform. When a user begins a WhatsApp chat, they instantly provide us with a lot of information that would typically have to be sifted through throughout the conversation.

Final Words

In summary, to retain existing consumers while also expanding your customer base, WhatsApp Marketing is a great strategy to cut down on acquisition costs. Consider making use of this amazing, low-cost tool if you want to raise your sales and profits. WhatsApp Business allows for unparalleled levels of customer engagement and the nurturing of long-term connections with customers. A timely response may help to build trust and significantly improve conversions. WhatsApp marketing can be personalised with several options for tailored communications such as welcome messages followed by birthday wishes and reward points.