5 Ways That Web 3.0 Might Change Digital Marketing

5 Ways That Web 3.0 Might Change Digital Marketing

Web 3.0 is a little-known concept to most people, but those technical enough to understand it know that it has the capacity to change digital marketing as we know it. In essence, Web 3.0 is the next phase of the Internet. Here are some interesting ways that Web 3.0 may eventually impact your company’s marketing strategies.

New Digital Currency Will Be Used

Currently, many businesses offer their best customers vouchers or loyalty points that they can eventually spend on products once they earn enough. The next generation of the Internet will utilize tokens that are much more powerful than simple loyalty points. Token-holders will even be able to give their input and vote on future product developments, so they will hold great value to consumers and be worth collecting. This will vastly improve the customer experience, since users will feel even more connected to their favorite companies and products.

Reward Users With Digital Currency

Much like tokens replacing loyalty points, consumers who are interested in cryptocurrency may have the opportunity to be rewarded for performing certain actions that benefit your company in digital currency. Companies may choose to offer customers who engage with or share their content payment via cryptocurrency. Instead of offering gift cards or other incentives to interact with your digital data, you will be able to compensate those who are your best evangelists and supporters quickly and easily, and via a payment format that is definitely on the up-and-up. 

Many Products Will Go Digital

If possible, many current products will become digitalized and put up for sale and use in the Metaverse. A great example of this is something like movies. Once upon a time, you had to rent or purchase a video tape or a DVD in order to watch something at home. Yet, streaming services and Internet and cable providers have made these concrete items nearly obsolete and you can watch almost anything you want digitally. Imagine this same concept happening to many other things you use regularly. This is the future of many of the products you may sell or try to market, so you will need to develop a new strategy as the world of technology evolves.

Consumer Behaviors Will Be Easier to Track and Understand

With a more robust and personalized Internet comes the opportunity for marketers to take a true deep dive into their consumers’ online activities and interests. This will allow marketers to create content that is even more tailored to their target audience than ever before. Yet, it is important not to take personalized marketing too far and potentially scare your leads away because they view you as “creepy” or are worried that you know too much about them. It will be essential to learn where that fine line is and not to cross it. Trial and error may be the best way to gauge this initially, but you should hopefully gain understanding over time.

Events Can Be Held Digitally

Now, it is easy to host webinars and meetings digitally using one of the many types of online meeting software available. With more and more people working from home and companies hiring people from across the country and the world who do not work in a physical office, it is becoming increasingly important to make it easy to connect with coworkers and experience things digitally. With Web 3.0, the goal is to be able to host actual events digitally without having to leave the comfort of your home or office. Imagine trade shows or conferences occuring digitally without the quality issues that sometimes occur with current online meeting software. More people will have access to digital content than ever before.

Web 3.0 is on the horizon, and it means some very real — and very exciting — changes to the digital marketing world. Remember the impacts that the new Internet may have on your company when developing future marketing strategies.