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5 SMS Marketing Tips That Will Actually Help You Get Results

Is your business currently looking for new and innovative marketing tips and tricks to reach its customers in an effective way? Do you want to be sure you’re keeping up with the latest trends, and making use of all the digital tools that exist? If so, an SMS marketing campaign can provide some really powerful results, and can even open all new advertising streams you didn’t have access to before. 

But simply stating an SMS marketing campaign is wise, and then crafting one that is effective and gets you results, are two entirely different things. So here’s a look at five SMS marketing tips that will help you in your quest.

You Need to Start with a Robust Contact List

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to boost your SMS marketing efforts is to make sure you’ve got a robust contact list. You not only need to reach enough people, they have to be the “right” people that would actually be interested in your products or services.

Some of the ways you can accomplish this task include by advertising on your website, social media networks, or marketing emails with an opt-in key. If this doesn’t work, then you can take it further and incentivize people to submit their mobile number in exchange for entering a contest or promotion. 

It May Not be a One-Size Fits All Solution

Before you go ahead and send out a mass SMS text, you may want to think about breaking your messages up into various segments. Some marketing messages are more tailored to specific groups, and you don’t want to come across as spam.

Messages Need to Be Brief and To the Point

Another mistake you may currently be making is that the messages you are sending may be too long, convoluted, and not to the point. Recipients should be able to open the message and immediately garner who it’s from and what it entails. 

Use Links in the Messages

SMS also gives you the opportunity to include links such as a link to the company’s website, product page, or social network.

Get Outside Help

While there are various steps and tips you can do on your own to improve your SMS marketing efforts, at the end of the day getting outside help from professionals may be the best option. Not only does it take the work and stress off your shoulders, but it helps to ensure that you’re going to get the results you’re after.

This is exactly the kind of situation that Tatango is used to helping with. They have carved a niche for themselves in the industry by offering easy-to-use SMS marketing software that was designed by people with many years of experience. It’s the kind of hands-on knowledge that can have a direct and positive effect on your SMS marketing efforts.

By following each of these tips you’ll find that you’re able to start beefing up the results of your SMS marketing efforts.