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5 Killer Methods to Optimize your SEO Content for 2021

The digital realm is becoming increasingly competitive, and an SEO-friendly website is a vital necessity. It not only promotes brand visibility, but also promotes reliability and credibility by demonstrating the utility of a website. 

While marketers have endless discussions on improving SEO rankings and link building, very little is said about the significance of optimizing a website for smartphones.

In today’s smartphone-crazy world, it is crucial for websites to be mobile-friendly and optimize as the population of mobile users is growing rapidly. 

From the design and optimization, to images and keywords; it is crucial to note that optimization is not a one-time process but rather, a continuous effort.

Optimizing your content offers multiple advantages. Most notably, it allows websites to attract new users alongside retaining existing users. 

There are various methods to optimize content, such as incorporating a target keyword that is mentioned multiple times, and adding suitable imagery with adequate alt tags. 

Internal and external links are another masterful SEO trick to boost rankings and content visibility, however, the external links must belong to reputable and authentic sources. 

This article will walk you through five dynamic methods to optimize your SEO content.

1 Incorporating Keywords 

Keywords hold immense significance in an SEO strategy, and their importance surpasses even that of quality content. Keywords must be placed in a smart and strategic manner so they don’t appear stuffed or forced. There are two kinds of keywords: primary and secondary, and Google queries are based on primary keywords while secondary keywords aid in boosting page rankings.

The keyword must be placed in the title, in the body of the text, and the first and last paragraphs. Keywords also enhance linking and are utilized in both, internal and external links. Scott Ferguson, Chief Editor of iOverGolf says “Keywords ensure a well-optimized and user-friendly website. It is crucial to regularly update the inbound and navigational links to enhance user experience” 

Experts believe that the ideal route for SEO optimization is to focus on incorporating the right, most relevant keywords. Marketers must devote ample time for keyword research so they can identify keywords that are relevant to the user’s queries and the website’s content. It is crucial to avoid skipping through keyword research as most marketers devote most of their time to content creation and link building.

If you fail to incorporate keywords, you fail to satisfy the information your reader truly needs to see. It is crucial to allocate sufficient time to keyword research and incorporation so your website offers relevance, uniqueness and authentic information. It is also advisable to incorporate optimized image keywords in the file name and alt attributes. This will help you build a website that is friendly with Google image search.

2 Headers 

Sub-headers and headers are important for navigation as they build content within an article. Headers must highlight the keywords to improve website and page rankings. Experts strongly advise optimizing the header to enhance the placement of the primary keyword, and incorporating long tail keywords, with a prompt answer right below.

Long tail keywords refer to phrases that are highly specific to the products or services marketed by a company. Simply put, these keywords are explicit queries and you can incorporate them in your content by giving explicit answers. 

3 Link Building 

Links are a largely ignored and neglected SEO strategy, despite their vast potential to make your website more competitive and boost user engagement. You see, when a visitor is directed to another page that is relevant to their interests, he/she is likely to continue browsing for more content. It is vital for links to allow visitors to find exactly what they seek as opposed to presenting them with irrelevant content.

Sylvia Manman Kang, Founder of MiraCare said “Being a founder of a healthcare company, we witnessed a significant increase in the visibility of our company website by improving our link-building strategy by building personal relationships with bloggers, journalists, and influencers. Being featured in many authority magazines and websites has increased our backlinks and website domain authority”

It is ideal to utilize shortener tools to shorten links and allow them to perform better. Links that are shortened with a shortener tool include random numbers and letters that do not give away any information about the page.

4 Content Optimization 

Unique, original and creative content is the driving force behind a competitive and successful website. Brands prioritize content creation to demonstrate their expertise and cement credibility and trust across their target audience. 

It is instrumental to create content that is meaningful, and instructive, and curated to answer the question that has prompted a visitor to arrive at your page. Content creators and writers are advised to use keywords with a clever strategy focused on drawing and capturing the attention of the reader. 

You can always create headers and subheaders, change the font size or use a different color shade to highlight the keywords. The keywords must be visible and attention-grabbing. 

Rodney Yo, Owner of Best Online Traffic School said “The ideal route to optimize your content and make is SEO-friendly requires hard work and dedication so you can secure the prestigious featured snipped position. The featured snippet, dubbed as position zero on Google, offers a straightforward answer to any question entered into the search engine”

You can capture this coveted spot by writing long, well-research and highly relevant articles that offer straightforward answers to questions. You can begin by stating the question in the first paragraph, and answer it right after. 

5 Videos and Podcasts

Videos and podcasts are all the rage as the two most popular content strategies in today’s digital arena as they are widely associated with entertainment. Google’s algorithms and bots are able to identify websites and web pages where users spend durations. Web pages featuring videos and podcasts increase engagement and engagement durations by offering superior value to the user. 

Most marketers believe that videos and podcasts cannot be optimized but that is simply not true at all. Videos are a popular medium to offer your audience information in an interactive manner. Make sure you choose the right video types for your business.

Stewart Dunlop, CEO of PPCGenius said “I believe there will be a huge growth in the industry of podcasts and webinars. Users are now more engaged in listening to podcasts and attending webinars as they can do this easily alongside all of the other things they need to achieve for the day. More companies are now focusing on producing their own series of podcasts including participating and collaborating with existing podcasters to promote their businesses”

Marketers have to provide tapescripts when their videos and podcasts appear in search results. These two content strategies can work wonders at boosting your SEO game, brand image and website visibility. You can also incorporate videos and podcasts in your link building efforts to win over your audience with superior relevance and engagement.  

Author Bio

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

Twitter: @breadnbeyond


LinkedIn: Andre Oentoro

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