5 Essential Skills For Digital Marketing Teams

5 Essential Skills For Digital Marketing Teams

Digital marketing has likely replaced traditional journalism for generating sales leads and conversions (customer visits to websites that result in purchases). The necessary skill sets for digital marketing teams seem endless though. How can your business prioritize the new hires they need while maintaining efficiency and keeping costs within budget? Consider what digital marketing experts are recommending.

Here are your top 5 team members:

1. Analytics Ace

Analytics is a key tool for measuring the success of your campaigns. Your company will need to know how many leads they are generating and also, the percentage of conversions. When scanning resumes, hold onto the candidates who have knowledge or certification for Google Analytics.

2. Savvy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert

SEO is another essential skill with which digital marketers should be familiar. SEO keyword research is what drives traffic to business websites. And keyword success drives your content creation, so these two team members will be working together. Look for an SEO applicant who has proven success in past projects.

3. Social Media Superstar

According to a 2019 report by Statista, 91% of businesses are using social media for advertising. A social media expert can help you measure how well your campaigns are performing on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but they should also know how to work with other business channels such as Reddit and Pinterest. University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School also emphasizes that social media applicants with customer service skills will help your company communicate directly with customers.

4. Talented Techie

A marketing tech expert should know website development and how to automate your company’s marketing campaigns and analytics tools. Once you automate your data gathering, it saves you time and money due to its efficiency. Look for techies who have certifications and experience in a variety of platforms such as HubSpot, WordPress, and two Google tools: Google Analytics (Here’s even more evidence for this in-demand skill.) and Google Keyword Planner.

5. Content Connoisseur

According to Forbes, adults spend up to 12 hours per day perusing web content on their computers, phones or other devices. Folks are getting five times more information daily than they did 50 years ago. Due to this trend, businesses know investing in content creation is a wise decision. When choosing a content specialist, look for evidence of superior persuasive writing skills and ask: “Are they attracting and engaging customers”? You can also look at their history of creating conversions and ask to see a portfolio.

Consider Hiring Freelancers

Many businesses realize that it can be difficult to hire experts in each skill area for a digital marketing team. One alternative is to hire a digital marketing generalist who can manage and coordinate the freelancers you hire. This can be helpful if you need just some tweaking for WordPress or if you want to work with a graphic designer to add some visual aids to your site.

How Do You Vet and Choose Ideal Freelancers?

  1. Get proof of their past experience. Do an online search to find their past work experience. Their LinkedIn profile could be a good place to start.
  2. You could also get proof of income, which is important when negotiating salary. Unfortunately, there are some applicants who could try to inflate their job experience in order to push for higher pay.
  3. If they are affiliated with Upwork, you can look at their ratings and customer testimonials. If you see consistency in the comments, it could be valid feedback.

Regarding freelancers, keep in mind that they are self-employed and work independently to get the job done. However, they will dedicate their time to understanding exactly what your needs and preferences are. Plus, they often charge less than contracted marketing agencies.

Hopefully, you’ve discovered what your company’s needs are for new digital marketing employees. Now you can hire the candidates who have the skill sets needed to drive customers to your website, increase conversions, add sales leads and monitor and maintain the success of your marketing campaigns.