Boost Content Marketing with 5 Incredible AI Tools

5 AI Tools You Need to Power Up Your Content Marketing Game

Your audience’s appetite for fresh and engaging content is consistently growing. To meet this demand, you have to produce better content, faster, for all your platforms, including blog, social, email, video, and others. That’s a lot of work. 😓 Managing all of this may have been difficult a few years ago, when content creation and marketing were entirely a human task. But AI tools for content marketing are all set to change that.

With the recent AI advancements in the content space, content marketing teams can do more with less. Tasks that used to take hours, can now be wrapped up in half the time. Whether it’s compiling research for articles, SEO optimization of blog posts, or creating social media posts, there are AI-powered content creation and marketing tools to address every need.

So, do you want to level up your content marketing toolkit? If your answer is yes, we’ve got some excellent AI tools to streamline content marketing. Let’s get straight to the list.

5 Best AI Tools for Content Marketing

From content creation and curation to SEO and consumer behavior prediction, AI tools are poised to revolutionize the way we approach content marketing. In the upcoming sections, we’ll delve into some of the most promising AI content marketing tools. We’ll give you insights into their features, benefits, and why they could be the game-changing solution for your business needs.

1. Narrato AI – All-in-one AI Content Workspace

Imagine a single AI-driven solution that empowers you to conquer all your content marketing challenges. That’s Narrato AI for you. This AI Content Workspace can streamline your whole content marketing process, from planning to publishing. It offers a host of AI tools for content ideation, creation, and optimization as part of the AI content assistant. With excellent project and team management features, collaboration tools, content calendar, workflow automation, and automated publishing capabilities, Narrato eliminates the need to juggle multiple tools.

Here’s a brief look at the AI-powered content creation tools on Narrato –

  • AI Writer: This AI content creation tool can generate text-based content for blogs, copy, ads, social media, SEO, email, video, and more. It’s especially useful when you’re struggling with writer’s block and in need of some inspiration. The AI writer comes with 50+ templates, with some unique ones like Translate, Summarize, Memes, and Content Improver. The AI blog writer can also generate entire articles from just the topic or blog outline. The AI writer can also write social media posts for different platforms complete with hashtags, URLs, and more.
  • AI Topic Generator: This content idea generator can give you topic suggestions based on your target keyword or theme. You can use them to build topic clusters and add them directly as new content items to your content projects on Narrato Workspace.
  • AI Images: This is Narrato’s very own AI text-to-image generator. If you’re wondering what an AI image generator is, it’s essentially an AI tool that uses text prompts to generate unique images for your content. Narrato’s AI Images tool also comes with customization options, where you can select from a variety of image styles like pop art, oil painting, photograph, 3D render, and more.
  • AI SEO Content Brief Generator: On Narrato, you can also optimize your content for search with the help of AI. When you provide this tool with a seed keyword, it scours the web for the best-performing content related to that keyword. It then generates a complete brief for you, with keyword, word count, heading and paragraph suggestions, questions to answer, and competitor references. You also get a live SEO score to track your optimization efforts.
  • ChatGPT integration: You also get access to ChatGPT from within the platform, which makes content research and writing even easier.

2. Albert – Ad Optimization at Scale

This is an AI-powered tool that allows you to personalize and optimize ad content across all your platforms, including Google Ads, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, and more. With Albert doing all the heavy lifting, it liberates human creatives to craft ad campaigns that truly connect with audiences on a human level.

The unique thing about Albert is that it allows you to create autonomous ad campaigns with just a few clicks. It essentially combines RPA (Robotic Process Automation) with AI to simplify ad management. And it can be easily integrated into your existing technology.

You can think of Albert as your very own advertising laboratory. It allows you to test and fine-tune campaigns, uncovering hidden opportunities, tapping into unexplored demographics, and venturing into exciting new markets.

Here are some of the standout features of this AI platform –

  • Data Analysis for E-commerce: Enhanced ad targeting and product recommendations with data-driven insights for e-commerce platforms.
  • Content Performance Analysis: You can refine your content strategy by assessing the performance of your existing content.
  • Automated Lead Generation: Albert makes it easier to identify potential leads and automates the entire process of lead generation, saving time and effort.
  • CRM Integration: Integrate Albert with your own CRM system to gain valuable insights about your customers.
  • Personalized Marketing Campaigns: Build personalized campaigns that resonate with your audience.

3. Emplifi – One-stop-shop for social media management

Formerly known as Socialbakers, Emplifi is an AI-powered social media management (SMM) platform that can help you conquer the social media game like a pro. This AI tool for content marketing offers a range of essential SMM features, for research, scheduling, analytics, and more. With everything in one place, you can efficiently manage your social media presence across different platforms and make data-driven decisions.

The Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud uses AI and machine learning to increase the efficiency of your social media team and improve results. It helps speed up the content creation process and enables quick discovery and sharing of insights. It also sends real-time alerts for important posts.

Here are some of the unique features of this tool –

  • Unified Dashboard: Simplify SMM and streamline workflows with an intuitive platform and user-friendly interface.
  • Publisher: Efficiently handle social media campaigns by managing, scheduling, and publishing content with ease.
  • Community: Enhance engagement and customer service by effectively managing and nurturing your community on social media.
  • Listening: Learn more about your audience’s conversations on social.
  • Analytics: Use automation and AI to analyze social media data and gain valuable insights for elevating your campaigns.
  • UGC: Simplify the sourcing, management, and publishing of authentic user-generated content.
  • Influencers: Vast database of more than 30 million influencers to connect with.

4. – AI Video Generation

Video marketing can give you an edge in the competitive content space. To create powerful video marketing campaigns, you need some good tools for recording, editing, streaming, etc. is an AI-powered video generator that can simplify all this for you, by offering you numerous capabilities on a single, seamless platform. Think of it as the Canva for video, offering video editing tools and features to cater to all your video marketing needs.

The key features of this video generator tool are –

  • Text-to-Video with AI: With this capability, you can transform your written content into captivating videos. This tool allows you to bring your words to life through visually appealing and engaging video creations.
  • Text-to-Speech: This tool converts your written text into spoken words automatically. With this feature, you can add voiceovers to your videos without the need for recording audio separately. And you can add them in over 20 languages.
  • Voice Over Video Maker: Add a professional touch to your videos by incorporating voiceovers that perfectly complement your visuals. You can also create automatic subtitles and captions with voice.
  • Millions of stock assets: has a vast library of stock assets, from high-quality images and captivating videos to eye-catching graphics and animations.
  • Seamless Video Hosting: This proves advantageous, especially when compared to hosting videos on your website, which can slow down page speeds and impact user experience. By hosting through, you can ensure quick and smooth loading, resulting in lower bounce rates and happier visitors.

5. Chatfuel

AI customer service chatbots are here to stay. These AI tools give you an opportunity to leverage conversational marketing to enhance user experience and drive more sales on your website. And the key to a chatbot’s usefulness? It all hinges on how you build it. That’s where Chatfuel shines. Unlike pre-packaged solutions, Chatfuel empowers you to design your very own virtual personality in the form of a chatbot.

With Chatfuel’s AI chatbots, you can replace your bland FAQ pages with something more interactive. These chatbots can also help you nudge potential leads down the conversion funnel more efficiently.

Here are the key features of Chatfuel –

  • User-friendly: Easy drag-and-drop interface to build personalized chatbots.
  • Chatbot Templates: Free chatbot templates to cover all your use cases.
  • Instant Messenger Pop-up: Greater convenience by responding to users in a Messenger pop-up style Chatbot.
  • Personalization and Navigation: Address customers by their names and offer an intuitive navigation menu, making their experience personalized and hassle-free.
  • Save User Data: Retain user data to re-engage customers, encouraging them to make more purchases
  • Automated Messaging: Nurture and convert leads effectively by setting up automated message chains.

Wrapping Up

That’s the scoop on how you can rev up your content marketing game with the help of some unique AI tools. And that too with a lot less effort! Each of the 5 AI tools mentioned in this article tackles different aspects of content marketing. They can make your life a bit easier, and your campaigns a lot more effective. Even remote work becomes more manageable with these new-age AI tools helping you research, plan, create, optimize, and distribute content with efficiency and ease.

With these AI tools for content marketing in your toolkit, there’s no limit to what you can achieve in your content marketing game. So why wait? Harness the power of AI and watch your content marketing efforts soar to new heights.

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