4 Online Marketing Principles To Get Your Listing Exposure as a Real Estate Agent

4 Online Marketing Principles To Get Your Listing Exposure as a Real Estate Agent

The digital revolution has permeated virtually every aspect of human life today. Logging onto the Internet has become second nature. As a real estate agent, you need to network with potential homeowners and create a healthy pipeline of leads. Online marketing can help you optimize this process in a number of ways.

The Internet is the first place most millennials turn to when looking for information on anything of interest to them. Either they will Google it up or type the subject into the search bar of their preferred social media platform. Most of your future buyers depend on the Web, and many of your competitors are in the same space vying for their attention.

The Right Type of Marketing

Brochures are nice and can help you present your listings in a portable way, but how many of them can you print on your budget? A slot on prime-time TV will cost you an arm and a leg, and you’re not sure how many prospects will be watching when the ad runs.

Wielded correctly, online marketing will get your listings in front of the most viable prospects at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. Here are some tips to help you effectively capitalize on the potential of the World Wide Web for your real estate enterprise.

1. Be Accessible and Responsive

Online marketing relies heavily on great content, content that is not just well put together but also addresses your readers’ real concerns and interests. But it doesn’t end there; good content will always provoke interaction with the reader. If you’re giving DIY home improvement tips, readers will share their own ideas or pictures of what they have done.

Take time to turn these responses into a conversation with your readers so that they look forward to hearing back from you. This will ensure you have a captive audience when the time is right for you to issue a call to action.

Whether you’re sending your content via email newsletters, blog posts or social media posts, look out for comments from readers whose interest you have piqued. Their questions on modern cupboard designs for mugs or the idealness of a location can be turned into timely suggestions of houses in your listings.

2. Callback Services

Responding to the readers’ questions and comments of your content is not the only way you can interact with them. Callbacks provide a more direct and robust way to engage with prospective homeowners regarding your listings, reducing the chances of their calls going unanswered.

Agent partner websites like Zillow and Realtor have systems that will broadcast calls by home shoppers to up to 10 agents simultaneously. This means the chances of prospective leads being lost are greatly reduced. 

3. Go Virtual

Real estate agent networks like Zillow offer more ways to boost engagement and conversion rates in addition to callbacks. One of these is virtual staging. Instead of relying on a bunch of pictures, you can give shoppers a more immersive experience that will allow them to view every room and feature in the house without setting foot in it.

This gives buyers the confidence of having a more complete assessment of a house before they make a commitment. This can be of great help if the buyer is in a geographically distant location and cannot make a physical visit.

4. Utilize Mailing List

In this age of social media marketing, email marketing may feel a little archaic. But neglecting this channel is equivalent to forfeiting a means to stay in regular, direct contact with your prospects. Used effectively, this channel will help you build relationships with people who are actually looking for homes and convert leads into sales.

To enjoy these benefits of email marketing you need to take the time to build an email contact list and segment it so that it zeroes in on the niche you’re after demographically and geographically. You need about think of ways to use your website, social media and all other means at your disposal to collect email addresses and entice your prospects to opt into your newsletters.

Use automated email marketing systems to schedule the delivery of engaging, relevant content that pricks real potential homeowner pain points and entices them to respond to your call to action.

A Slice of the Pie

In a saturated market with literally millions of registered agents fighting for a slice of the American real estate pie, you need to use any means available to make your brand stand out. Online marketing offers you the chance to carve a niche for yourself and reach them cost-effectively. Using the right techniques and tools will help you maximize engagement and conversion across channels.