4 Essential Digital Marketing Tactics For E-Commerce Growth

4 Essential Digital Marketing Tactics For E-Commerce Growth

Traditional selling and traditional marketing are not as effective in all industries today. More and more companies are going digital and are building platforms to sell their products online. That is how and why we today have many successful e-commerce businesses. 

However, when starting your e-commerce business or when you simply want to grow your company further, you have to rely on marketing to help reach those potential customers. And the best solutions are also found online, through digital marketing. Thus, to help you boost your business and those conversions, here are a few digital marketing tactics that you can start applying today. 

A Mix of Paid and Organic Traffic

Instead of focusing on only getting traffic through paid ads or organically, think of them as a mix. Don’t focus on just one, rather create a union that will work to your advantage. It is obvious that you want more visitors to your site no matter the industry. And in terms of visitors, Facebook is still the start of the show because this platform is the core driver of new growth for e-commerce. Facebook remains the most powerful demand generation platform and you can consider adding Facebook ads and strategies to your marketing plan. 

You can also use search engine marketing to be on top of results. You can do that through SEO or simply through Google ads. However, don’t pitch Google and Facebook ads against each other – you should unite them. This can help you diversify the platforms and reach out to many more visitors. 

Content and SEO

In order for your e-commerce business to survive and make it past 5 years, then you will need to focus on content marketing and SEO to get that organic traffic. Content, however, combined with e-commerce can be a slow-burn and a long-term play, but it pays off in the long run. But before you start generating the content, you have to think about how you’re going to optimize it so the search engine can recognize it and rank it better. 

One of the best starting points is to do simple keyword research. Let’s say you own an e-commerce company that sells organic supplements. You want to do thorough research on keywords that can get you ranked. If you are selling aloe vera powder, for example, you should look into words that contain such words or that exact match. This goes for any other product you want to get ranked – organic products, dog collars, cat scratchers, etc. And when you’ve compiled the list of keywords, you can start generating content that will be optimized for search engines. Additionally, focus on social media content, updating your blogs, product pages that you want to push, and so on. 

Personalized Outreach Campaigns

After you’ve updated your website and optimized it, you can move on to doing some outreach. After the pandemic, customers are somewhat craving an emotional connection to any purchase. This is a great opportunity for you to come up with some personalized messages that you will send out. Surprisingly, there are two forms of outreach you can do that seems to be working – SMS and email. SMS is a technology that has almost been forgotten and now it seems more intimate. If you have an SMS list, those are the people who trust you and want to hear from you. The same applies to your email list.

You can use these two messaging platforms to let the consumers know you have discounts, and new products or to simply wish them a happy birthday or the upcoming holidays. 

Loyalty Programs

People love feeling special and loyalty programs are the perfect way to show them you care. You can start introducing loyalty programs on your platform and use them to awaken more trust in your consumers. Also, offer some great deals that come with the product, or even some exclusive products that an average customer cannot see. You can also rely on that emotional and personal connection and truly reward the customers that have been there from the start. Additionally, you can start offering such programs to new customers who happen to be spending a lot of time on your site, or to returning customers.

No business can be successful without digital marketing. E-commerce is not an exception and you should develop sound strategies in order to grow. Put your customers first and see how you can establish a close connection with them. Plus, invest a bit more time in optimization, social media and your content, and you are bound to reach new customers quickly.