3 Ways to Promote Your Website in 2020

Creating a website is only the beginning. With the many tools available, you can get a website up and running in just a few minutes, complete with custom designs and your own brand elements. The next task is filling the site with content, but that’s something you can do without spending too much time as well.

The third big challenge is bringing traffic to your site. The World Wide Web is filled with millions of websites competing for the same audience segment. Safari Digital Brisbane suggests that driving traffic to your website is all about promoting your site to the correct target audience. These three ways to promote your site are the ones to try in the competitive landscape of 2020.

Gain Traction with Ads

Digital advertising is not as complex – or as expensive – as you think. Thanks to social ad networks, SEM networks, and display ad networks, you can reach millions of potential viewers without breaking your marketing budget. A simple but well-targeted Instagram Story ad campaign, for instance, can bring you thousands of fresh viewers for no more than $5 per campaign.

Ads are perfect for gaining traction early in the game. Yes, you still need to focus on building your traffic organically, but nothing should stop you from leveraging paid ads to gain traffic early. In fact, it is a fantastic way to gain traction when you have a new website. The traffic you get from ads can be converted into traffic that comes to your site organically in the future.

When you do use ads, however, make sure you pay attention to your targeting. Understand the kind of content you want to deliver and the target audience you aim for. Refine the targeting based on the insights you know rather than what the advertising network recommends. You may not get it right on your first try, but you’ll learn a lot and will have the ability to refine your ad campaign in the process.

Build a Mailing List

Another thing you want to do early is integrate an opt-in form. Building a mailing list allows you to reap a lot of benefits in the long run, so starting early makes sense; in fact, it is something you must do. A mailing list is how you retain your audience and build a stronger audience base from the beginning.

Unlike ads, building a mailing list is not expensive. You can easily send bulk email for free using reliable newsletter software, especially when you are just starting out. The real challenge is maintaining consistency, especially when you only have one or two people on the list. Don’t worry; the list will grow.

Amassing a list of subscribers is also a great way to build genuine relationships with the viewers of your website. You are combining campaigns designed to find new viewers and activities that will retain them in the long run. Since you are starting early, you can also refine the list early with features like grouping and email marketing automation.

Go on Social Media

There’s a reason why it’s called social media: it’s a place to be social. The World Wide Web today offers an opportunity that previous marketers didn’t have, and that is the opportunity to interact with the audience directly. Social networking sites are perfect for owners of new websites since there are a lot of things to leverage in order to gain an audience base.

For starters, you can leverage your existing social media accounts to promote the accounts or pages of your website. Once you start getting followers, engage those social media users directly. Social media is about interacting with each other, so stop trying to promote pages on your site and start having genuine conversations with fellow social media users.

You can go a step further and run an influencer marketing campaign. Social media influencers already have an audience base. You simply need to review the different segments that they are in and find influencers whose audience segments are aligned with yours. This is a great way to jumpstart your new website. Work with micro-influencers if you have a limited marketing budget.

Getting Started

These three digital marketing instruments are perfect for new website owners. They let you tap into existing audience pockets to build traction. You can run organic traffic generation campaigns alongside your utilisation of these channels or instruments, all while starting to build your audience base incrementally.

One thing to note about marketing your new site is the importance of content. Your audience will seek valuable content the first time they browse through your site. If they don’t find value, they are less likely to return to the site. Make sure you fill your new website with content that the viewers will actually love before you start promoting it. Create a buffer of articles and other content, start implementing the tips we covered in this article, and you will have a site with steady traffic before you know it.