3 Effective Ways to Amplify Organic Site Traffic With Visual Content

3 Effective Ways to Amplify Organic Site Traffic With Visual Content

You can’t run a business in 2022 without a rock-solid SEO strategy. You need to use search engine optimization to build your online presence and drive traffic to your website. The right SEO strategy even helps with lead generation and conversions.

That emphasizes the importance of working with a respectable and trusted SEO company to build your brand. From keyword research and content creation to backlink building – it involves a series of complex steps. You can click here to know more about how the services of an SEO company will help grow your business.

But it’s worth keeping in mind that SEO in 2022 isn’t simply about publishing long-form content. While well-written blog posts continue to be the driving force behind your website, you must diversify your content strategy.

That’s where visual content formats, such as infographics, videos, animations, and images, step into the picture. Enriching and high-quality visuals spice up web pages by breaking the monotony of text.

SEO Benefits of Visual Content

Visual content is instrumental in retaining the attention of website visitors, thus boosting engagement metrics. That, in turn, amplifies your website’s search engine rankings and drives more organic traffic.

Also, visual content, such as infographics, charts, and graphs, helps convey complex information in an interesting and easy-to-understand format. It’s easier for the human brain to retain visual information too.

Moreover, these content formats are more shareable than lengthy blog posts. That maximizes your chances of getting referral traffic from social media, email, and other online channels.

So, whether you’re looking to claim top real estate in search engine results or strengthen your brand identity, it’s high time you include visuals in your content strategy.

In the following sections, we’ll outline a few useful tactics to attract website traffic through visual content. Let’s jump right in.

1. Create Interesting Videos

Whether you want to launch a new product or familiarize potential customers with your brand, videos are the right choice. They have the power to communicate important information in a fun, engaging, and simple way.

The best part is that you no longer need a ton of sophisticated equipment or budget for video production. When they strike a chord with your audience, videos even have the potential to become viral.

Today, it’s possible to shoot and edit stunning videos using your smartphone. You can even use video editing tools to add special effects, subtitles, and attractive backgrounds to your videos. The important thing is to identify the type of video you want to create, and outline a strategy to promote it.

From product demonstrations and tutorials to customer testimonials – you can publish different types of videos. Develop a clear understanding of your end goal, and select the right type of video before getting started.

Also, make sure you distribute the video across multiple channels, including your website and social media profiles. You can even upload the video on streaming platforms, as well as send it to your mailing list.

2. Capitalize New Trends With Memes

Memes are one of the most shareable content formats on the internet. Also, they’re a great way to harness any emerging trends that are relevant to your brand. And they’ve got the maximum potential to become viral and skyrocket brand awareness.

Memes are particularly useful for connecting with younger generations, i.e. millennials and Gen Z.

So, how do you use memes to boost website traffic? Start by monitoring social media platforms for any new content trends or breaking news that could be relevant to your brand. Also, it’s a good idea to follow popular content creators and influencers who’re related to your industry.

Whenever you identify a new trend, hop on the bandwagon with a humorous and witty meme. Upload it on your blog, as well as social media platforms. Make sure the messaging doesn’t hurt the sentiments of any target segment.

3. Don’t Ignore User-Generated Content

Regularly creating high-quality visual content can be expensive, time-consuming, and laborious. An easy way of building a repository of compelling visuals is to share user-generated content. 

Encourage your customers to share images or videos highlighting their experience of using your products/services. You could request them to upload their posts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Make sure they tag your brand, or mention your website URL, in their posts.

You could directly share their posts on your social media profiles, or take screenshots and showcase them on your company website/blog.

The great thing about user-generated content is that it creates a sense of authenticity and trustworthiness. It establishes your brand as an industry authority, thus encouraging more people to visit your website.

Closing Thoughts

Publishing insightful, enriching, and optimized blog posts isn’t enough for maximizing traffic. If you want to attract more website visitors in 2022, utilize visual content to cut through the noise. From videos and memes to user-generated content – you can use various formats to garner traction and drive traffic.