10 SEO Strategies For Success With Google in 2022

10 SEO Strategies For Success With Google in 2022

There are many SEO methods that can improve your success with Google, here is our list of 10 strategies you can use for your business. 


Google is great at recognising relevant keywords, even when they do not match exactly with the original search. Using keywords throughout your website can be very effective in boosting your ranking with Google, but just be careful not to over-use too many keywords.

Keywords In Headers

When Google searches for relevant content, it will try to link keywords of the search to matching keywords on websites. When creating content for your website, be sure to put keywords in the headers so Google can pick up your content easier. 

Add Alt-text To Your Images

Alt-text is essentially a short description of an image that is used to make content more accessible for those who are visually impaired. When uploading imagine to your site, be sure to add detailed alt-text to the images and include relevant keywords too. 

Internal Linking

Internal linking is when you write content and include links within the content that point the user to different parts of your website. These internal links are a great way to make users stay on your website for longer which can boost your ranking. For more information on how to use internal linking as an effective SEO strategy, check out these SEO services in Edinburgh.


Backlinking differs from internal linking as the user is linked from another website to your own, instead of being navigating internally around one website. Backlinking is essentially another website giving yours a nod of approval which is picked up by Google and can push you to the top of the results page. 

Quality Content Writing

It is important that once someone lands on your page, they are greeted with quality writing that makes them want to stay. Getting high up on the results page is great but your content needs to be informative, so Google recognises your page as relevant. 

Include Muti-media

Multi-media can be effective in getting your site recognised by Google. Images are a good start but also think about including things like videos, GIF’s, and audio files to boost your ranking. Having multi-media can also make your content more interesting.


If your website is not easy to navigate, then it is likely users will click off your website and look elsewhere. The aim is to retain users’ attention, so you need to make sure your website is accessible and easily navigated by the average user. 

Unique Titles

Having unique and interesting titles is a great way to stand out from competitors and recognised by Google. Unique titles are more likely to grab users’ attention and make them want to read your content. 

Increase Loading Speed

As mentioned previously, it is crucial that once users click on your website, they stay on the site for a while. If your website crashes or takes a while to load, users will click off and search elsewhere for content. Ensure your website goes through regular maintenance to prevent this.