Writing a resume for SMM: Do's & Don'ts

Writing a resume for SMM: Do’s & Don’ts

Let’s face it, writing a resume befuddles many people. They are time-consuming and a bit technical to write, which makes them look difficult. However, everyone is well aware of how potential significance resumes hold. A resume has the ability to offer you a call from your dream job or smash your dream of getting it at all. It is the rule of thumb that applies to all professions and all fields. If you are hoping to get a job in SMM, a.k.a Social media marketing, you should gear up your resume to look even more potential and self-explanatory, given that employers are direly looking for hiring potential social media marketers. The scope of social media marketing is expanding day by day as the world is transforming into a digital cosmos. Therefore, this article will guide you on what to do and what to avoid while writing your resume for social media marketing. 

Do’s of writing a resume for SMM:

Choose the right Format: The validity of the first impression is 100% when it comes to resumes. The recruiters do not have enough time to go through each applicant’s resume in detail. Therefore, they skim the resume and prefer to pay attention to details if the resume has a better layout and properly highlighted key points. Therefore, it is essential to keep the right format of the resume in mind. The three main styles of the resume include:

1.     Functional Resume:

A functional resume is a style of resume that focuses on skills, strengths, and achievements(if any). It doesn’t follow a chronological order and provides the employer an overview of the skills. If you lack work experience but have more skills related to social media marketing, you must choose this format. 

2.     Chronological resume:

A chronological resume is a resume style that follows the chronology of work experience. The order of work begins from the latest to the oldest job. This kind of resume mainly focuses on work experience and is most suitable for applicants with rich professional experience

3.     Hybrid resume: 

A Hybrid resume, also known as a chrono-functional resume, is a kind of resume that is a mixture of chronological and functional resumes. This style gives equal weightage to the professional work experience and skills. A person with abundant skills and work experience must use this style. 

A few additional tips about the format of a resume that apply to all styles are:

· Select a resume font like New Times Roman, Arial, Calibri, or Garamond

· Keep the font size between 11-14 points. 

· A single-page resume will most likely give you an optimal response. 


  1. Add an objective or summary:

To engage the employers instantly, you must add an objective or resume summary. It provides a gist of the whole resume. It should be an accurate, concise, and precise overview of the resume. It means that you will provide a concrete reason for applying to the SMM post backed with educational and professional work experience. Remember, the objective or summary must not be so long that it distracts the attention. Instead, it should provide the reviewer an overview at a glance.  

  1. Create a balance between skills and work experience:

Social media marketing is a field that requires lots of experience as well as updated skills. Creating a balance between skills and professional work experience will make your resume impactful. In fact, mentioning work experience with the relevance to skills is the best possible way to create an impression. 

For example, you can write it like:

Social Media manager                                               



  • Managed the marketing professionals to develop social media marketing campaigns and setting KPIs for each campaign(number of likes, shares, and downloads).
  • Generating 10+ social media content(images and videos).
  1. Add the Education portion:

You must mention education in the resume but keep it simple and small. Give education some space, but it should not be larger than the skills or experience. 

  1. Present your skills neatly:

As said earlier, skills are very important in SMM; you must present them neatly and clearly. You can, for example, make sections for different skills such as technical skills, SEO skills, and soft skills. 

  1. Update your resume:

One of the most common mistakes that people make is using an outdated resume. The resume should be updated for each job application by highlighting your relevant work experience and skills. If not, it should be at least edited after every professional work experience. 

Don’ts for writing a resume for SMM:

  1. Avoid over personalization:

The resume is a professional document that provides a person’s academic and work experience. It should not provide extremely personal information like age, height, weight, religion, place of birth, and marital status, etc. These are unnecessary details that also put a bad impression on the employer. 


  1. Avoid mentioning unrelated work experience:

It is the essential thing that all job aspirants need to inject into their minds. When applying for SMM, you have to be precise about the skills and work experience that relates to it. For example, you would mention the work experience that you had as a social media marketer, social media manager, or anything related to that. You must avoid mentioning work experience if, let’s say, for example, you worked in a coffee shop. 

  1. Don’t lie about job experience:

Honesty is the biggest attribute required in any applicant. People have this misconception that a rich job experience is the only way to get the recruiter’s attention. However, that is not. If you have little or no job experience at all, you do not necessarily need to lie about it. Because once the recruiter finds that you have lied, which becomes obvious in the interview, you will be rejected. 

  1. Avoid grammatical or spelling errors:

Check and recheck your resume once you are done writing it. The 6-60-6 rule tells us that your resume must appeal to the recruiter whether he glances for six seconds, sixty minutes, or six hours. Besides all other elements, the resume must be free of grammatical and spelling errors. 

In conclusion, if you want to get your dream job in SMM, you must focus and implement the Dos and Don’ts mentioned above. Besides, if it is a daunting task, you need not learn all its intricacies. Avoid the trial and error process by availing of professional resume writing services. The experienced writers at ResumeCroc provide a customized, ATS-friendly, and professional resume.

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