WordPress Content Writing: 5 Important Skills for Beginners

You’re searching for content writing tips since you finally decided to start a website. You know what? You’ll do just fine. Anyone can learn how to write proper content. You just need to work on a few skills, and you’ll notice improvements in no time. 

First and foremost, it’s important for you to understand: writing is beautiful! It’s an interesting process of creating something from nothing. You learn, you express yourself, and you share your thoughts and knowledge with the world.  

5 Skills for Beginner Content Writers

1 Research

Research is the foundation of good content. 

Let’s take a look at an example: a post published on the Wait but Why blog. All arguments are based on sheer facts, which the majority of people aren’t aware of. 

Screenshot 1. source

When you read content like this, you believe its author. You know that they’ve done their research, and they aren’t presenting just their opinions. 

  • When you find a nice detail that you can use in your post, check its original source. If someone mentioned a study, find it and read it completely. 
  • Use Google Scholar to search for facts. 
  • Double-check your information. Make sure your source is reliable. Only link to high-authority websites! 

When you do this step of the process well enough, the writing part will be a piece of cake.  

2 Style

If you want to build an impressive WordPress site, you need your recognizable style. Just check the blog mentioned above: Wait But Why. It’s impressive not because of its design and not because of the things it sells. It’s the content. It’s the author’s style. What you read on this blog cannot be compared to anything else you find on the Internet. 

That’s what you want to get to. 

Be funny, but don’t force it. Humour should come naturally. Ultimately, you should be you. That’s the best tip that someone can give you about content writing. You’ll polish up your style with time, but first, you have to discover it and build on it.   

3 Practice

You’ll grow your writing skills through tons of practice. You can work with writers and editors from the EduBirdie. They can give you hints on how to improve your style by making it more readable and unique. 

Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Always opt for simplicity over complexity. You may know a lot, but you need to make even the most complex things easy to understand. 
  • Practice with different forms of expressions, and figure out what your audience reacts to. 

4 Choosing the Right Topics

You already have some ideas on the topics you’d like to write about. But are they unique? Another question: what will you do when you run out of ideas? What happens if you hit the writer’s block?

When most content writers face such a situation, they turn to a topics mill. They go through different suggestions and fill in their content plan with fresh ideas. But there are two types of writers:

  • Those who copy topics from competitors and topics mills
  • Those who get inspired by those topics, but add their unique touch to them

You want to be in the second category of writers. 

Let’s take a look at Neil Patel’s blog.  He won’t use the usual topics, such as “How to grow your website traffic.” That’s an exhausted team. He’ll add something new to it: A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Your SEO Traffic Using Ubersuggest.

Screenshot 2. source

5 Offering Value

Let’s say that article on how to grow your traffic with Ubersuggest only explained what Ubersuggest and its features were. You would be very disappointed by the time you reached the end of it. When you see a title that sparks your interest, you want the content to be on point. You want it to answer the specific question that the title imposed. 

Offering value – that’s one of the most important skills that content writers should develop. 

It’s okay to put things into perspective by discussing relevant topics. But always stick to the point. If possible, don’t put several ideas into a single piece. Save them for another post. 

You Can Do This

Let’s face it: not everyone can become the next Hemingway. 

But if you have something to say, you’ll discover a way to make your words attractive to the audience. You’ll boost your writing skills if you focus on research, practice, good topics, and providing value. Once you find your unique style, the rest will be easy.

BIO: Emma Rundle loves writing, reading, and some more writing. She believes that everyone has something to share. Her posts are focused on inspiring people to write more.