Why Your Marketing Agency Should Offer Mental Health Days

Why Your Marketing Agency Should Offer Mental Health Days

Being a marketing agent is not for the faint of heart, and if you have a marketing agency, you know that your agents work very hard to be successful and satisfy your clients. Because of this, they need an occasional break beyond normal sick and vacation days. Keep reading to learn why your marketing agency should consider offering mental health days.

The Job Takes a Heavy Toll on the Agents

Being in marketing can be excruciating, whether an employee is a grunt or a head of a transportation management system. They sometimes even take their work home with them, and they might even be expected to do so on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this results in no work-life balance. Most of your employees probably have lives outside of work, and it is crucial that they get the time to live those lives. A mental health day will give them time to slow down and do something that they want to do or more time to spend time with their families.

Extenuating Circumstances Add Stress

As with every other person, life does get in the way sometimes, and there is no getting away from that. Whether there is a death in the family and your employee has come back to work before they are ready, or they receive devastating news of a terminal illness or something of a similar caliber, the need for mental health days is crucial. Adding stressor anxiety (ansiedad) when someone is already working a highly stressful job might send the affected employee into a tailspin and if the breakdown is bad enough, they will need to take time off anyway. Providing mental health days, especially with extenuating circumstances, will make a world of difference for the employees who need them.

Prevent Premature Burnout

Burnout is one of the biggest reasons why people quit a job, and in a marketing agency, burnout is more likely to happen than in other, less stressful industries just because so much is demanded of the employees. Implementing mental health days will help mitigate that burnout, as your employees know that they can get a break when they most need it without having to go through all of the necessary channels to request a day off or suffer penalties of being either late or a no call, no show. This way, if they are ever feeling overwhelmed, they can just take a day or two to rest and they can come back to work feeling refreshed and ready to resume their projects.

Sick Days Are Too Few and Too Restricting to Use

While sick days are wonderful and everyone needs them, there are often not enough of them and they have too many requirements to be properly used. A lot of employers make their employees bring a note from their doctor, and if the doctor does not give a note, the sick day does not count and the employee can get penalized. Also, depending on the employer, new employees may either get just one sick day or not any at all. Having mental health days available to every single employee will help them save their sick days, which is especially helpful with people who have conditions like dysautonomia and will need all the sick and mental health days they can get.

Mental health days are becoming more crucial for employers to have, especially in industries where stress levels are naturally higher. Keep this article in mind the next time you are thinking of ways to improve the work environment for your employees, as everything can be improved upon and having good mental health is a must for optimum productivity.