Why You Should Be Using Statistical Infographics

The convenience of infographics as a marketing device has seen the visual form branch out into several versions. The informational infographic that kicked off the trend has now become only one sub-category. Businesses are also incorporating timeline infographics, process infographics, and statistical infographics in their digital marketing strategies. As many marketers know, statistics act as a powerful backup for any argument one makes. A statistic can make people pause and think about a problem, or a solution. But statistics on their own can only convey so much. To ensure internet users stop and pay attention to your statistics, you need to present them in a visually engaging way.
We have established that infographics are eye-attractive and they make data more engaging and impactful. As a result, statistical infographics are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to share statistics with one’s audience. While a handful of years ago, creating infographics of any kind would have been a tough ask for marketers, even those with access to graphic designers, there are now a number of online resources marketers have access to.
Venngage is one such online design software which helps marketers create stylish and professional visuals even without design knowledge. Venngage offers a series of beautiful visual templates, including infographics, Gantt charts, social media visuals, and presentation templates, among many others.
With numerous statistical infographic templates to choose from on Venngage, marketers can finally visualise their data in unique ways and take strident steps towards their marketing goals.