Why Working at a Digital Marketing Firm is a Great Career Move

Why Working at a Digital Marketing Firm is a Great Career Move

Digital marketing has become a massive industry in the last decade. Traditional media certainly still delivers for advertisers. Combining broadcast, radio, print, and outdoor creative with digital elements like video pre-rolls, static banners, and paid social, however, has proven to be a winning recipe. 

As digital marketing has ascended, so have the number of boutique digital marketing firms. As opposed to the more classic ad agency model, digital boutiques require less equipment and software to produce and place ads, therefore requiring less capital and overhead. For marketers and non-marketers alike, these agencies can be fantastic places to work. Here are a few key reasons why.

You’ll Become a Mini-Expert in Many Business Categories

On any given day, a digital agency may be working on campaigns for thrive patch, a home cleaning service, or a local restaurant. These examples illustrate the diversity of an agency’s client roster. Digital salespeople, copywriters, and producers must know enough about these clients’ business landscapes to be able to effectively make strategic and creative recommendations. 

To be able to do this, employees must ask thoughtful questions and research these industries. In doing so, they can’t help but absorb helpful information about them. This can serve digital marketing employees well as their careers progress through the years.

You’ll Stay on the Cutting Edge of Marketing Techniques

The inherent value that a digital marketing agency provides is its ability to evaluate, recommend, and execute online advertising campaigns. This is vital for clients because they will inevitably be more focused on day-to-day tactics than studying digital and social best practices, even with dedicated marketing staff. 

Anyone who serves any role in a digital agency must keep up-to-date on the latest platforms, trends, and social strategies. While this is an essential function in this environment, it is an invaluable skill in the marketing departments of most companies.

You’ll Learn About Media Sales and Buying

When most people think about digital media agencies, they think about graphic design, scheduled social media posts, and video production. These are all crucial functions of an agency, but they all fall under the umbrella of creative production. On the other side of the business, account executives making sales and media buyers placing advertising are working just as hard for their clients.

An account executive is the client’s main point of contact with the agency, and the agency’s point of contact with the client. They work off commission and negotiate terms and rates with the businesses they represent.

A media buyer negotiates rates with local, regional, and national outlets like TV and radio stations. They take an analytical “spots and dots” approach, looking at ratings and demographics to stretch their clients’ media dollars. At a digital agency, they will do the same but work with third-party web placement services and social networks. They also place and monitor schedules to make sure creative is running properly and effectively, making tweaks and requesting make-goods if not.

The benefits of working in an environment where you can learn about this should be obvious. Sales and media buying fall under the marketing umbrella of any company. Knowing the basics and processes of these positions can take you far.

You’ll Set Yourself Up for Lots of Career Opportunities

As you can see, a position at a digital agency is a window into every aspect of marketing. If you can gain an understanding of what an agency does for its clients, you will be well suited to take that knowledge to the other side of the desk; a role in a marketing department that would hire an agency. 

If your resume boasts experience in working with account executives, media buyers, or digital creative designers and producers, you will have an excellent base of skill sets that could help you land a marketing position.

In many ways, digital agencies are a snapshot of the workplace of the future. If you are fortunate enough to work at one, you will likely pick up a variety of extremely marketable skills!