Why Website Design Matters More Than Ever In 2021 And Beyond

Why Website Design Matters More Than Ever In 2021 And Beyond

The year 2021 and the years after will see a rise in online dependence. Smartphones are becoming more advanced and websites are also popping out left and right. Almost everything can be done online, with almost every bit of information also present. People live today in a time when visiting at least one website a day is the norm. For businesses, this means your website is also one of your best assets to protect and nurture today.

While it’s never been easier to create your own website from scratch, it’s still recommended to take the better route of hiring expert web design agencies like https://mws.dev/ and there are often affordable web design services in UK. Especially when you’re not confident of your team’s skills, don’t settle for anything less than what you should be getting. If not, you may have a website that doesn’t even deliver the intended results for your business.

If you’re looking to have a website for your business, it’s important not to settle for anything less than the best website design. Achieving this standard matters a lot moving forward. Here’s why:

It Provides A Good First Impression

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There are thousands of other websites running on the Internet now even within your niche. This means it’s no longer just enough to settle for any other ordinary website. You need to strive to go above and beyond to strike a good first impression with your first-time website visitors. First impressions are lasting, and this is also one of the best ways to ensure your website visitors will stay on your site and not move to another.

This is where good website design comes in. You can liken your design to that of your store display had you chosen to have a brick-and-mortar store instead. A well-designed and appealing store will create good first impressions, luring more visitors to your store.

Especially in 2021 when online shopping is becoming the norm, this need to strike a good first impression is even more pressing. A poorly designed site can come across as amateur and not well-thought of.

With that in mind, here are some of the most important design factors to consider to achieve a good website design:

  • Simple and minimalist layout;
  • Good search capability;
  • Relaxed and easy look and feel;
  • Presence of good navigation aids;
  • Not too text-heavy.

It Complies With Good SEO

SEO is short for search engine optimization. This refers to the techniques or standards websites have to reach so they can rank higher with search engines. Ranking higher consequently means you’re able to make it to the top landing pages or search results whenever an Internet user keys in a search.

Among all of the techniques a website has to follow to meet good SEO, one of the top constants and most effective is good website design. From loading top-quality content to ensuring your website design doesn’t get distorted when viewed from a mobile device, good design can help your website be found, wherever it has to be seen on the Internet.

Here’s why complying with good SEO is very important for websites:

  • It enables your website to target good quality traffic;
  • It allows your website to move ahead of the competition;
  • It boosts your credibility as an authority and trustworthy website;
  • It goes hand-in-hand with another important facet of digital marketing: content marketing;
  • It improves your website’s usability or user-friendliness.

It Increases Website Revenue

This reason applies to e-commerce websites, which means you have a website for business purposes. Especially because your purpose is to earn, it’s all the more important not to skimp on your website design. 

It’s an undisputed fact in the e-commerce industry that a well-designed website may also enjoy a higher chance of earning good revenue than a poorly designed one will. If boosting your revenue potential is your goal for 2021, here are some tips relating to website design worth applying:

  • Include all your contact information on your website’s homepage;
  • Include any images, when applicable, in your product review and feedback section;
  • Design your check-out process such that it’s simple, quick, and easy to understand;
  • Improve your website regularly so it doesn’t become outdated;
  • Keep your homepage simple so you don’t overwhelm your website visitors.

It Helps Keep Up With Competitors

The popularity and demand for online transactions have paved the way for many websites to rise. This means that while the demand is there, the competition is also present. It’s no longer enough to have a plain and randomly made website. You need to pour hours of effort into a well-designed one so you can be a few steps ahead of your competition.

Use these ideas to give your website that competitive advantage:

  • Research Your Competition

This strategy can give you valuable insights into how your competition’s websites are designed. This doesn’t mean you’ll copy what your competitor is doing. Rather, a thorough research process will give you information on what the competition missed out on. That way, you can have those on your website and use those mishaps to your advantage as an edge.

  • Step Up Your Marketing

Once you have a well-designed website, it’s now time for you to take the process one step further. This means stepping up your marketing strategies. Your website can only be as effective as its reach, so it’s important to market your website on the Internet. A good way to start is by regularly posting links to your website on your social media posts to widen your reach.

  • Focus On Good Customer Service

Your website can also achieve a good customer website when it’s well-designed. This relates to having a user-friendly website, one that’s easy to navigate through and also one where your website visitors can easily find all the information they’re looking for.

When your website design is enabled to deliver good customer service, you’ll have repeat customers regularly coming back to your website. They’re pleased with how your site delivers that they no longer have the desire to try out other websites within your niche.

It Results In A Mobile-Responsive Website

Smartphones today are getting more advanced and are equipped with more functions than the phones in the past. This means many Internet users today aren’t just browsing from their laptops or computers. Rather, they’re also browsing from their smartphones and other mobile devices.

With this, it’s very important to have a mobile-responsive website. A website labeled as mobile-friendly doesn’t get distorted when viewed from a smaller screen. This is where the power of good design kicks in. You can only ensure your website stays mobile-friendly when you’ve taken the time to design it as such.

There are many benefits to having a mobile-responsive website to date, and these include:

  • It increases your website traffic when you’ve successfully enabled your website for mobile users;
  • It may help improve your ranking with search engines that favor mobile-friendly websites over those that aren’t;
  • It enhances user experience as your website visitors don’t have to switch to a bigger device or wait until they can use their laptop for them to successfully shop on your website;
  • It results in exceptional brand visibility as your website is made accessible and widely visible for the greater majority of Internet users who are browsing from their mobile devices.

It Enhances Website Credibility

Given the strong competition of websites on the Internet today, it’s important to be credible. When your credibility is good, this means you’ll earn the trust of a significant portion of your niche’s market share. So many more customers and Internet users will choose to patronize your website and purchase from you when they trust you as an authority. Good website credibility is also the foundation of building a strong following of loyal customers. This is a plus to keep your website profitable even in uncertain economic conditions.

Good website design can lead to higher website credibility for as long as the following are observed:

  • Ensure your website is visually appealing as professionally designed sites can help earn more trust, especially with some skeptical Internet users;
  • Make your contact details highly visible, so your website visitors feel you aren’t hiding anything and you’re a legitimate entity;
  • Publish your website’s privacy policy and terms of use, so your website visitors can trust whatever information they input on your site is kept and stored only for authorized and lawful purposes.


As you design or make a new website, any doubt you may have had about the importance of a good website should now be erased. The reasons above should be convincing enough to prove that having a well-designed website is a must. Don’t just put up a website made haphazardly or on a whim. This has tremendous impacts on your audience and even on yourself as an individual or a business entity.

As trends continue to change and grow, it’s also important to keep up. This means that from today moving forward, it should be a part of your business goals to strive to consistently have a quality design. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you design your online platform.